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[MISC] Rabid/Wild Dogs

  • Hey you lovely bunch of people, new poster here....I'll cut to the chase.
    Would it be possible to give the mountain lion behaviours (The stalking and fleeing from sight) to a dog model in game, just to spice things up. You have guard dogs and wild coyote etc but I think it would be cool to see one or two totally rabid dogs in the city somewhere, hiding from sight, stalking their prey and attacking the odd passers by...

    I dont necessarily want anyone to make this mod, although it would be sweet if they did...but is it possible even?
    I have made a few simple mods for a few games in the past, I make 3D models and I try my hand at the code too sometimes Im just not very experienced with GTA modding as I never had a decent PC until recently...

    Thanks for reading (and thanks for the current hoarde of awesome mods out there!)



    Hello, congratulations on your first post; welcome. I personally don't know how to do this but I believe that it would be possible and not that difficult for someone more knowledgeable and experienced than me.

    Maybe someone else will chime in.

    If not I hope to see you around!

  • thank you for the welcome!


    Maybe an idea to pitch to @Eddlm for the Lively World script

  • Saw the post but forgot to reply :confounded:

    Via script, it is possible to spawn any kind of dog, have them roam around (even in packs) and attack anyone on sight. Its likely that I'll implement that into Lively World.

    However you're describing a more complex behavior, like stalking and trying to be out of sight. I haven't really noticed that behavior, so I don't know how to configure them so they act like that. I can script it myself, though.

    The simpler version is going to be in LivelyWorld for sure, the stalking, well, we will see.

  • @Eddlm now that you mention it, the 'stalking' behaviour I described I am probably remembering from RDR...the cougars in GTA seem to just attack then run away, nothing more complex than that...i'll look out for any updates for sure :)

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