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Bullet tracer

  • I would like to make a bullet tracer in order to suit blaster kind weapon ( a bit like star wars shot in some way)
    But I"ve 0 experience in this kind of mod.
    I'm not sure wich file I should modif to do it if anyone could help it would be really cool

    ps : I've found weapon.meta is this file I should modif ? cause I give it a try by modifying <flas>/<light>/<ricochet> option for smg but didn't noticed any change IG ;S

  • IIRC GTAV uses raycasts to enable shooting, not actual bullet models. So IDK if it even is possible.

  • @AHK1221 well menyoo can add a kind of " tracer" to bullet so it's possible i guess but the menyoo one is pretty ugly xd that why an other like with the flash mod tracer fx would be cool
    But it's done with script/memory editing and i'm not scripter at all that why I try to find an other way,
    thought weapon.meta will do the trick but I failed my few try ( i'm not used to this kind of mod so may i've miss or failed something ;S)

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