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Flash, Arrow, Legends & Supergirl supporting cast PEDS

  • I've been playing with the various versions of the Flash & the villians and its a lot of fun. However, I'd love to get some of the other supporting casts from those shows.

    Flash People

    Kate Snow (and a Killer Frost version)
    Cisco (reg clothes and Vibe clothes)
    Jesse Quick (I'm actualy really suprised this hasn't been made, Trajectory was made & only in one episode...just saying).
    The different Harrison Wells (Earth 2, HR)

    Arrow People
    Felicity (more than one outfit and hairstyle)
    Thea Queen (and Speedy clothes)
    Diggle (reg clothes & his spartan clothes)
    Curtis (regular clothes & Mr Fantastic clothes)
    Laural Lance (and the Black Canary clothes)
    Evelyn Sharp (and her supervillian outfit...just because she's hot..lol.)
    Quinten Lance (reg clothes & police uniform)
    Roy Harper (and his red superhero outfit)

    Legands of Tomorrow
    Sarah Lance (reg clothes & white canary clothes...she's also orig from Arrow)
    Nate Haywood (and his Citizen Steal skin/clothes)
    The Stargirl actress & uniform (she's only in 3 or so episodes).

    SuperGirl people
    Alex Danvers (gotta have that tight uniform, lol)
    James (and his Guardian outfit)


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