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Mods behind paywalls.

  • I've seen Julio has privatized all of his mods(or nearly all). I've been looking to get the flash mod again but it seems that you need to pay the guy $2..

    Don't get me wrong, I respect him and all, but you see... when you put mods behind a paywall, thats an instant no-go for me. I see he wants to earn money but I really think this is a dick move.

    I managed to get the Superman mod before it was taken down on gta5-mods.com

  • @AHK1221 He must have a reason for doing it. everyone can choose their way. they have the right, as they spend their time making stuff. but i think all of his mods are not offline. he must have some VIP mods that he has put behind a paywall.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yeah, but once he released all those mods to public. Mostly all of his popular mods are behind a paywall.

  • @AHK1221 All Mod creators have , VIP paid Content. which is TOP notch. well if not all, than most of them. as that is the way , one can afford. 3ds max, zmodeler 3 photoshop etc this kind of software for the whole year. if someone is greedy or stingy i can understand. but paid content is created By Most Mod developers to support their work and time invested. out of every 10 mods that i make, 2 are atleast paid content for VIP's. they get exclusive high quality stuff or they get priority in requests. while i release Public free mods for fun and supporting community :)

    i agree all of our work should not be behind a paywall. only selected few can do the job of supporting mod development. Some people are Professional mod creators., not like you and i who work for hobby and fun at times ;)

  • @AHK1221 I have changed the topic name so that it doesn't seem offensive or particularly targeting one person. you should not involve yourself with name and shame kind of things. people have a right to do what they want with their work don't they? you can express your opinion , i respect that and everyone does :) . as you have the right to your opinion.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yeah makes sense, thanks.

  • I live by very simple principles...

    If the modder legally creates what they are asking money for, I will pay. If someone else has created what they are asking money for, I will not pay. And by legally creates, I mean you start with a blank slate/canvas/code project, and you create from nothing... with properly licensed software.

    If I didn't live by that principle, as a creator myself, I am doing nothing more than saying "Go ahead, take my mod, make some changes, charge some money for doing it and then tell everyone you created it." and that is never going to happen. I wouldn't tolerate that happening with something of mine and anything out there could quite easily have been created by someone I knew or worked with and I would never do that to them, as I know they share the same principles as myself.

    The irony is of course, that having taken that other person's work, it then gets uploaded locked, with a warning that it shouldn't be uploaded anywhere else without permission. They didn't get the same permission, they now expect others to ask for... :rolling_eyes:

    And then of course it's a known fact that there are groups of modders using cracked software to make mods, they then want money for. It's been said before on here that there are Facebook groups like that. It really doesn't get much worse than that... that requires a lack of morality beyond question, to earn money through piracy. So given that fact, who can you trust? I mean I actually saw someone on the ZModeler3 forums the other day, blatantly stating they had the cracked version of ZM3 and was asking for help... I don't know how they have the nerve to do it. :astonished:

    Then again, I don't understand how people can afford to own/run a computer powerful enough to run this GTAV, yet can't afford $5 a month for the software they want to make money with. 3DS Max is free to eligible students and I can pretty much guarantee 100% that anyone who isn't a student or professional artist, doesn't have a paid-for Max license... $1,470 a year ($185 a month) when $5 a month is too much. :D

    But there you go... that's humanity for you... maybe that's why Karma exists.

  • @LeeC2202 Makes sense. but for arguments sake lets take me for example. i take a model off of internet website like humster3d then i rig the model and animate it to work in gta 5, by spending like 8 hours per day for 6 days, including handling and dlc making etc. now for those 8 hours per day for 6 days , i would like something in return. so that i would take up the next project, request, where do i find the motivation or benefit in making a Request mod that normally i won't make?

    here Donations and paywalls come into play. <<<<<<< even for arguments sake i don't spend internet speed, electricity bill, my 8 hours per day, and i have cracked zmodeler 3, i have cracked or student version 3ds max. yet what is the motivation that will keep me engaged with creating mods? i have a skill, i put it out there, i can rig models. create 3d models, handlings, etc i can do it, now my skills and time are there, mostly free of cost as i enjoy making military mods. but what if , i want to take a mod request for donation? or make a Crazy awsome Mod spending like 20 days creating that mod for 8 hours per day, how do i get return for time i spend and things i share here?

    if you can answer this my friend. and offer me something in return that would make me , keep modding and keep creating cool stuff. i will happy close all my pay walls and share all of my VIP work to public here on Gta 5 mods or other websites.

    am i wrong in expecting or asking something in return for my time and skills?

  • @AHK1221 JulioNIB new modding system is not unfriendly. The actual system is support him with crowfunding monthly donations in his site to get early access. Finally he do public releases. Actually the people is asking what happened with older mods, is the same mechanic, he is updating all his mods for GTA V (everybody knows the issues with latest game patches) and then, will to release for supported early access and in one month later, he will do public the mods updated in issues fixes and new features.

    Other mods like Green Goblin, he keeps public cause not has patch issues and as I'm part of that mod, is good keep public the mod if not needs actualizations.

    Just be patient, is not closed the modding, is just the beginning of the new actualization cycle and in the next months, he will to release first for supporters and one month later to public mod by mod.

  • @FoxtrotDelta If you need money as motivation, then you have the wrong hobby, you really do.

    You've been doing this just a year and have already got to the stage where you need money for motivation. I have been creating for over 30 years and never once have I ever needed money to do anything creative. I have worked for numerous employers for free, because it just didn't matter whether the money was there or not.

    I spent two months on my first mod request... two months of up to 18 hours a day and how much money did you see change hands for that?

    The Helicopter Effects mod was another request, another mod that was close to 2 months and again, nothing changed hands.

    I do have licensed software (for another year anyway) and then my money is gone... all of it. But nothing would ever make me resort to asking for money for something I need to do. And that's the thing, as a creator, anything like this is a necessity. I don't even understand how money can motivate someone to do something. To me, you either want to do it, or you don't.

    Maybe that's why I don't understand it... I just don't care if money is involved. All I know is that when I ran out of creative juices in my job, thinking about the money did nothing to make me any more motivated.

    Maybe I'm just not normal when it comes to all this... :\

    Edit: And I will just add... in those times where the employers were broke and couldn't pay, nobody left. Not a single person walked away... and some of us went through it multiple times (with families... I had a wife and 3 kids the first three times it happened), and did the same every time. We stayed, we worked and we just carried on as normal, we didn't know any other way to be.

    You can't buy creativity, you can't lose creativity, you can just lose the desire to be creative... but it comes back, eventually.

  • for me i don't do anything unless there is Motivation. Nothing. even study. research., my hospital job. Motivation can be Money, keep interest in something , like i have for military Mods, A buck up from someone that's a motivation. Fame is a motivation, Satisfaction of the people who i make mods for, that's another motivation. Learning new things that's a motivation. Feeling happy for creating something others find awesome, that's a motivation.

    If i see a bicycle request, or a Mack disney Truck request, and i have no interest in that, one thing that comes in handy is Motivation of Money, if i take that Request, i get Money which i can use, later for softwares, 3d models, buy coffee pay internet subscription etc. or else i'd say naah, skip it, someone else might make it.

    That's how i work. no sure about others, i have other stuff to do, if i don't have motivation or a reason to create a mod, i just go and study Medicine or Human anatomy, which is my 4th favorite thing to do, or i simply go visit some relatives, hangout with friends. why sit in front of a computer . if i am not getting anything out of it, or learning something. :)

    P.S i never said i am creative , i just Rig models and create mods that are there in real life out there, Creative people are very talented like 3d model designers or cool programmers or creators. i am none of those. and i never claim to be.

  • I know it always probably looks like I am trying to start arguments on this subject but I'm not... I just can't explain it without it sounding like a bunch of pretentious crap.

    After watching a TV show today where they were battling self-fulfilling prophecies, I guess you could call this a self-motivating pursuit. :D Doing this (not just modding, anything... art, code, design, anything...) makes me want to do it more. Not doing it makes me want to do it even more. It's like one of those blues harmonica players, with a harmonica permanently in their pocket... the desire to just play is often overwhelming. There's always a tune in your head, just waiting to be played.

    You'll go to bed at 4am and at 5am, you'll wake with an idea in your head and next minute, you're half-dressed at your computer doing something with that idea. Come 8am, you'll remember that you were supposed to be in bed, asleep... four hours ago. At that point it's often easier to just wait until the next night rolls around and sleep then.

    They will have to cremate me when I die, because if they don't, my computer is going to have a serious dirt-in-the-keyboard problem when I dig myself out of that box at 4 in the morning. :D

    Anyway, I'm starting to think my return was probably too soon, so I shall drift back into the shadows again. Sorry if my comments have sounded overly harsh, I have only ever been passionate about two things in my life and this is all I have left. And I really should know better given what day it is... :(

    So I offer my genuine apology as I leave... :blush:

  • @LeeC2202 Naah, i l know you. and i understand. it's not an argument. we are just discussing out points of view. either can be wrong. no one is perfect. either can be right also , as world works with many different people and different mindsets,

    that's what makes the world in general and modding community diverse :) Discussion. expression of opinion, and findout out what others think about stuff. it's always a friendly chat with you. i have no doubt about that. quiet informative for me as well, as i am alot younger than you. and lack experience in life.

    no oppology need for me :P you think too much!!! OMG, world will eat you up like this. get out of the shadows and do stuff you like , never burden yourself with anything. and please Lee don't over think stuff.

  • @LeeC2202 said in Mods behind paywalls.:

    Then again, I don't understand how people can afford to own/run a computer powerful enough to run this GTAV, yet can't afford $5 a month for the software they want to make money with. 3DS Max is free to eligible students and I can pretty much guarantee 100% that anyone who isn't a student or professional artist, doesn't have a paid-for Max license... $1,470 a year ($185 a month) when $5 a month is too much. :D

    Most people save up for a period of time for their computers. Software seems a lesser priority, and most have easier ways of obtaining said software, and aren't willing to shell out extra cash if the amount of income earned from said software doesn't meet a certain criteria. The reason the developers of said software expect such large amounts of money for said software in the first place, is for business related purposes. I don't think they really care too much if you're just using said software for said personal use, but once you start using said software for commerical use, they expect some commission and credit where it's due.

    Once I start making mods and developing, everything I release will be donation-ware, but I'll have a few premium models not unlike what China_Dazu does.

    Ya'know what I'm saying?

  • @LeeC2202 Lets say, you get a PC from your parents. Not enough money for yourself to run GTAV. But now you spend 4 years into learning 3Ds Max modeling and other stuff and skills. Now you want to create stuff with ZModeler 3. But you came from 3Ds Max modding and noticed that Zmodeler is a buthole that didn't deserve any money for the frustrated hours of bugs and userunfriendly stuff. But you can't pay so much money evey month to it without "by using" license system.

    In that case you want for ex. to create something big, but you only paid 1 month license. Zmodeler bugs and you lost alot of hours. Now your mod is not finished and your license runs out. You asking the creator to fixes these issues, but he need other 2 days to anser you. Now your weekend is over and you need to wait a whole week because of this and school/job and personal stuff. After that he answer and he giving you a alternative way to prevent this issue. But he is not going to fix it, but you paid for the license and it didn't deserve it!! So what is the best now for this situation? Looking for a crack! No more time stressing and pointing your mind to the project.

    Now you picked a 3D model from the internet, but the interior is shit. You decide to fully remodel the interior and fully convert it to GTA V without anything missing. So won't you pay for a HQ mod that is 90% work from the author?
    So you picked a 6$ model, and you made a 100$ model out of it? + you convert it professinally to GTA V? Won't you pay the author for months of work he spend in his life for free?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman I don't like how you hate on ZModeler. People like you should respect ZModeler3. You do realize that without "car modders" would be nonexistent; we would still be in the era of car retexturing..

  • @AHK1221 Honestly, Zmodeler3 is just a 20% of a good modelling software.

  • @Rarefacer Its not supposed to be a modelling software(for the most part). Its supposed to be a platform to convert cars for different games. I use Blender for anything modelling related.

  • @AHK1221 To convert vehicles always is necessary to work in the mesh and ZM3 tools are too poor and a bad pipeline to do anything. The export filters are the positive of the software, fast, effective and native, but in tools needs a lot of functions. Is evident, one man is developing his software and just for that I respect his work, but needs a lot of necessary tools for topology and clean per- vertex utilities improvements.

  • @AHK1221 His point is that you buy a program that's like, 15$ 28$ presumably (just some examples) only to have it end up glitchy as hell as it can be.

    That'd be like buying Saints Row 2 on PC without the existence of the Gentlemen Of The Row mod, which fixes glitches that weren't fixed when Volition first released Saints Row 2 on PC. GOTR was made by a staff member of Volition named 'IdolNinja'. Guess that guy wanted to keep his job bad, huh?

    It'd also be like buying Sonic Adventure 2, to which I've heard, is a non-stop ice cream shop of glitches. Yeah, happy birthday, Timmy.

    I'm almost certain some of our modders have had problems with ZModeler and I bet some of them think the same thing. Besides, we're talking to the guy who made a 1964 Chevrolet Impala mod for GTA 5, using ZModeler. It's his experience he's talking about, he wasn't hating on ZModeler at all. :confused:

  • @AHK1221 Dude the problem is with the creator of ZM! He pissed me off! I made alot of bug reports and i telled him what to improve, but he still try to find the fault on my way how i work with the program! He still don't want to accept that the software is fully bugged and need much more than this crap we have. And the other thing is, i have to remind him every week about my bug reports, otherwise he will forget it!

    The other thing is, if i pay for something like that, then it should deserve that money, but it doesn't. The license system is not working by using time. Its stressed me and i always lost time because the program is shit. Crashes, userunfriendly stuff, and so on. I always lost time because of his lazyness and that cost me money, so i decide to using a cracked version cuz that money i pay all the months doesn't deserve on what kind of modding progress i get at the end of the month where my license run out. I

    And i also was talking with him about a better license system, but he won't see it.

    If he really would accept this, then ZM should be free, because its not in that state to say, it really deserve to pay for it.

    If he would do all the things i send to him, then we would have today a TV shader support to make working TV's in our car vehicle mods. IV importer, collision creation without raining inside problem and much more

    In short words: If you want to create a really good professinal mod, then this program is stupid to use. I still wait for GIMS EVO's vehicle support

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman it may be he's occupied with real life. No one knows.

    And it is the only program currently for making custom vehicles, and what do you mean by a tv shader? For cars? That's impossible, if not done already with vanills vehicles.

  • @AHK1221 If he would have these problems, then he should tell me what he have, then i can help him to stay on the lane of progress.

    I mean TV Shader, the shader for GTA V TVs! And i know its possible! If you didn't saw it on vanilla vehicles doesn't mean that it isn't possible! Look what R* did since a few new updates. They add track shader support for animated textures, amphibious aspect like rudders for vehicle works now or airplane exhaust fire and much more.

    And if you look of what i did here

    then your will notice, nothing is impossible!
    I also saw the tv shader on a vehicle model over a texture missing issue in the early days of GTA V PC modding. The texture was over the whole vehicle and it was working. So in the theory, it should work like vehicle_track

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman awesome! cool trick!

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Looking nice! Although I can see it spawn just behind the seats before teleporting to the steering wheel. Still rather innovative.

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