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[HELP]Change the forum profile picture

  • Hello all!
    I don't know if i post ad the good place. I hope so.
    How can I change my profile picture on the forum please?
    I tried but it only change the website side picture, in forums it keep the same, no matters if i click on "edit profile" in forum or website. :confused:

  • @baluz @rappo can help you change it. i think. as he is the admin. wait for his reply here. once he notices it. he shall let you know.

  • @FoxtrotDelta oh ok, so i have to ask an admin to do it? i can't do it myself? I will PM him, i just want same picture on website and forum.
    Thanks you very much for your answer!

  • @baluz we had this problem that. we could not change main website picture before. so rappo used to do it for people who wanted that. i am not sure about the current status of things. he has heavily updated and improved the website. and he does so every so often. may be it's possible i am not sure . i did change my profile picture six months ago. but may be there was an update to the website that messed up the things. or may be you are experiencing a bug. we will know once, rappo gets online and sees your topic. please be patient in the mean while. :) have a good day. make a cool display picture ready by then :P

  • @baluz This is done now

  • @rappo wait this box around your comment will it be always there no matter what you write or did you generate it for this post somehow?

  • @FoxtrotDelta For topics that are made as a question, you can mark a specific post as the correct answer. That post will have the green box around it.

  • @rappo Thank you for letting me know. i will organize all the solved posts later tonight. well if not all, major recent ones. and future ones with this handy feature.

  • @rappo Thanks you very much!

  • @administrators @rappo can somebody do it for me too? @Global-Moderators

  • @JE_Scofield this is currently not possible. with website going through an upgrade an all. but we are going to have this thing automated soon. new admins are going to work on it. once they are done with more important upgrade on the website.

    thank you and please be patient in the meanwhile.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Good to know this will (hopefully) get worked on. I hate my profile picture and so want it changed to one of my own, but I can wait :)

  • @krissboo thanks for being patient. It will take some time as there are lots of things being upgraded at the moment , i mean work load on programmers and admins is alot at the moment.

  • @FoxtrotDelta It's cool. I know this is one of those silly little things that annoys people, but is not so important in the bigger picture.

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