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Merge brake light and tail light

  • I'm editing the rear lights of the Washington, and I'm trying to do is merge the tail light and the brake light into one large tail light. When you brake, the tail light will just become brighter.

    By default the lights are designed like this
    alt text

    I want them to be like this
    alt text
    And the whole light becomes brighter when breaking (no dedicated brake light)

    So far I've

    • Attached the brake light and tail light together for each side (L + R)
    • Deleted the brakelights from the hierarchy
    • Renamed and re-IDd both tail lights (ID 3+4)
    • Recentered the corona for each new tail light

    However the tail light continues to look like this
    alt text
    Still using the lower area as the tail light as by default, but the corona is in now in the correct place

    When I brake, the top area comes on
    alt text
    This is how I want the tail lights to look like, not just the brake lights. When I brake, I want the whole light to become brighter

    Any suggestions?

  • @glennoconnell please show us a picture of zmodeler 3 hierarchy with all light dummies opened up with detials all + signs open. compounds . it should show all the lights. indicator reversing, tail lights brake lights. take a screenshot and share please

  • @glennoconnell instead of doing all that work just go into carcols.ymt find the car model under <Lights> section and increase tail light intensity by 0.20-0.50 and you have a brighter tail light. I do this to my tail lights and middle brake light. And i also reduce coronas down to half intensity.

  • @Willief23 he wants the actual light to light up. i am pretty convinced it's material related or some left over dummy named brake light L or R or M

  • Not sure whether this helps, but this is what the properties of one of the tail light looks like
    alt text

    Can see it uses all the same material (washington_lights) and is correctly named and ID'd

  • @glennoconnell what is inside Boot dummy? and what is inside Bumper_r dummy? besides the collisions. and i don't see, Taillight_l where is taillight_l?

  • @FoxtrotDelta Boot just contains platelight and boot [COL]

    Bumper_r just contains bumper_r [COL]

    Taillight_l is pretty high up, about 11 from the top. That's where it was by default.

  • @glennoconnell O i see it there.

  • @glennoconnell i want you to copy the material used on bottom part of the light. and name the new material something else. then apply the new created material on the upper portion of the tail light. that way, you will have 2 different materials on upper and lower parts of the light. that could be it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Okay, I selected that lower area, copied the material it was using, renamed it, and applied it to the upper area. No affect sadly.

  • The washington model files are in patchday3ng if anyone wants to take a look in zmodeler btw

  • Finally figured it out! Forgot to change the light IDs in Vertex mode, only changed it in Object and Polygon mode. Thanks for the help anyway!

  • @glennoconnell glad it worked out in the end.

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