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[SCRIPT] Motorcade / Vehicle Escort Mod (similar to [SCRIPT]Air Fleet)

  • It would be awesome if anybody can make a mod that makes chosen vehicles follow a player's vehicle in a single line so that players can simulate escort missions or motorcade. Just like the Air Fleet mod by CamxxCore. There is a sub feature in the Bodyguard Menu by jedijosh920 but the formation is constant and is not in a fixed single line. I am looking for something similar to Air Fleet mod but for cars,motorcycles,helicopters. Would it be hard to do?

  • @tim03114 fix Bodyguard Menu by jedijosh920 but the formation is NOT constant and is not

  • @tim03114 I use bodyguard squads; https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bodyguard-squads it allows you to have 4 vehicles escorting you although when you stop they will sometimes crash into you but it's still good

  • @kingboughey yah I have tried it. I meant the Bodyguard Squad. not Bodyguard Menu :(. For some reason, its not that good. Maybe a dedicated mod for this kinda thing would be useful.

  • @tim03114 There seems to be plenty of natives to deal with this but the one problem that does spring to mind, is that when you're in the air, you have no traffic to deal with. When you're driving, any vehicles following you not only have to follow your path, they also have to deal with traffic conditions. Given how erratic the AI can be, maybe it's one of those mods that never gives the results you expect, so isn't that tempting to create.

    I wrote some waypoint following code for a mod I was planning on doing but when you sit and watch them drive, they can be either very good, or absolute bonkers. I suspect a mod of this type would result in much mayhem and explosions. :D

    In theory, not that hard... I suspect it would be one of those mods that requires a lot of testing and tweaking of values to get it just right.

  • i think theres an escort mod in LSPDFR so hopefull someone could convert it into regular GTA

  • @LeeC2202 maybe you could release the script anyway!😀

  • bump

  • @kingboughey Sorry, I wasn't ignoring your comment... I just have so much on my plate with the on-foot cinematic camera mod, I forget things that I have seen and read.

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