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Weird crash

  • Hey!
    I wondered if anyone could help me....

    When i start the game, on the first loading screen ( with the girl) my game crashes.

    Here's my openiv log: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d3qf33qkp4ufe1x/OpenIV.log

    it happened when i tried to install a mod. i removed it but still crashes.

    Btw when i try to spawn the hydra and the savage the game crashes....


  • @DavidFliesPlanes verify file integrity. & see if it still happens. and revert back any changes you made in dlclist.meta file.

  • i already did that stuff.... but i used a replace mod that i replaced with a mod that works

  • @DavidFliesPlanes even with replace version of files. gameconfig fixes crashes. try a new gameconfig file. it happened to me twice. and fixed it.

  • the default gameconfig is usually working for me. but new ones dont work. I am on 1.33. (I cant update the game)

  • @DavidFliesPlanes well know we know the cause of the problem. old game version with mods that support latest version.

    Sorry can't help you there. this is the max i could try.

  • i only use older mods.

  • @DavidFliesPlanes website rules, can't support piracy or cracked stuff. so that's about it from my side. sorry.

  • it's a steam copy...

  • @DavidFliesPlanes update it! all your problems will be solved.

  • it doesn't work because of reasons... tried everything i have a key binding screen and it doesnt go away

  • @DavidFliesPlanes well, if you have a steam copy you have to update it. But its more than likely you have the pirated copy....

  • @DavidFliesPlanes update your game and verify integrity of your game files, that will solve your problem

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