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[VEHICLE] 2003 Bentley Speed 8 (Lemans Prototype)

  • Hi dear gta 5 community and thank you to all modders who make this great site what it is: a paradise for all gta 5 players... so great cars here and so good high quality mods - nice work!!! One big wish is to have and drive the Bentley Speed 8 2003 race car in the open world of gta 5 (the winner car from le mans 2003). is this addon possible for someone? i hope you like this car like me... that would be amazing. i wish you all a nice weekend. Greetings from germany. P.S. mod it exists in gta san andreas too ^^

  • @darktronic i might make it in near future, but i am pretty busy with other mods. in future i can. if no one else has made it, by that time.

  • @FoxtrotDelta wow, that are good news. hope you will make it ^^. so fast an answer is very nice. i am happy about this. i can wait. nice day or night :)

  • @darktronic you too. and it's a nice car.
    alt text

  • @FoxtrotDelta it is amazing so much work to make a mod for gta 5.... with zmodeler and such progs. i tried a little bit to informate me about modding but it is too difficult for me... ok i have to go to bed now. xD

  • I've sent you a PM about this request.

  • Hi dear gta 5 modding community. I want this car in GTA 5 too. Anybody an idea, who could and would create it? Any active modder? Thanks to all. Greetings.

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