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[Vehicle] Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Black Series

  • Is there anybody who can convert an sls blackseries from gta iv to gta v? or maybe make a new one?
    I really like this car and would love to see this car in gta v.
    i've tried to convert it myself but i'm not good enough to do this cause i don't know shit about wtf and ytd files and stuff like that.
    Here is a link to some pictures of the sls black series: http://www.autoblog.nl/nieuws/mercedes-sls-amg-black-series-heeft-een-prijsje-58790

  • @tijndewit i don't have time for it. but i can give a Decent Quality Model if someone is interested in making it.

    Edit: if there is a donation involved i can take the request in 5 days time. if not, then i'll provide the model for free.

  • @FoxtrotDelta as much as i appreciatie it that you guys spend a lot of time making mods, i'm not gonna pay for it because i need my money for more important things. I hope that there is someone else who wants to spend time in making a New car or convert it.
    Anyway, Thanks you for replying.

  • @tijndewit who ever agrees to do the mod. i have humster 3d model 75$ model i can provide for free. it lacks interior details as usual with hum3d.com models. but with small amount of time. interior can be added. im always here trying to helpout,

    if someone agrees to convert it. i have this model below and i am going to provide it for free.

    Model picture:
    alt text

    Model download link. 75$. i already have it so , if someone agrees to take your request. i'll provide the model :)

    this model is AMG Approved.!

  • @FoxtrotDelta the only problem is that this car is already made by someone, i'm looking for the Black Series, that car has got a wing and is slightly different compared to this one.
    But anyway thanks for helping and willing to share this model.

  • @FoxtrotDelta You're going to provide a 75$ model for free? Not really fair to the artist who made the model.

    I know exactly what kind of response I'm gonna get, so before that even happens, I'm going to prove my point here.

    hum3d.com consists of various artists with some type of professional skill, who make models based on the demands of people looking for models as long as they pay, or based on site requests or just when a person happens to be looking for a Homer Simpson car.

    They offer you a high quality model, in return for a little cash. Gotta pay rent, medical bills and put food on the table for your family, right?

    Now, here someone makes a mod (say CP and his VisualV mod.), the modder starts charging a little money (say, 4$ for every patreon click), now comes Josh Romito, takes the mod, puts it in his, calls it Redux and releases it for free, utterly stopping CP's base of income.

    This is what is happening with Humster 3D everytime one of us buys a model for them, only to re-release it for free, whether by private or public means.

    No hate at all, just saying, let's not pull a Redux, the thing we usually bitch about here. (And in hardcore matters, too.)

  • @krashadam I don't blame you or so but those models are made for everything. Also modding. And since the models should be locked anyways, I personally don't see any problem

  • @krashadam i asked hum3d before converting the model. they had no problem with it. i use Hum3d models at times. people buy models and give them to me for convert :P my harddrive is full of hum3d models no all but plenty!.

    even if i charge money for giving the 75$ model, someone already paid 75$ for me. they purchased to to be converted into gta 5 anyway.

    Plus my Mod Models are always Locked. it's not open format. no one can take it away, they can rip it though which can be done to any Model with proper tools :P i should know better :P and its always ask the model author if he agrees for royalty Free or otherwise distribution of locked files. i always ask :)

    Edit: i have previously converted 300$, 200$ 150$ models from turbosquid and hum3d as well, when the author has no problem, there isn't really an issue ;)

  • @FoxtrotDelta Well, at least they let you. Not that I'm concerned cause I don't make models, but I kinda thought it was weird to not have permission for certain things. We bitched about Redux doing that shit. lol.

  • @krashadam its better to ask for permission before spending money on a model. all the time and effort is wasted money too, if there is a DMCA kinda thing.

  • @FoxtrotDelta did you learn from your "Punisher Incident"? ;)

  • @Kwebbl my punisher yes, and skylines multiple awesome mods. We learn from friends too.

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