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first time trying to mod gta 5 here

  • alright so i downloaded and messed around with openiv a bit, still dont understand how that mods folder works since sometimes im adding stuff outside of it and sometimes not?

    anyway i think i followed the guides right,

    there was no file to replace the dlclist with so i just edited it and added the line they said to add.

    also that dlc.rpf file is like alone in its dlcpack folder since its the one from the mods and the same folder that is not under mods has a bunch more.

    im trying to spawn the car with nativetrainer but i cant find it in the list, either escort or forde1



    1. ---dlclist.xml:
      Replace the file here

      If you dont want to replace,
      open the file and add the following line below
      Save the file and replace it

    2. ---dlc.rpf:
      Place the file here
      New Folder "escort"
      Place dlc.rpf in it

    3. Ingame, Spawn the car, using a Trainer

  • @queldelar ok I'm here to guide if I can

  • sweet thanks man, so do you know what may be the issue? or do you need more info?

  • @FoxtrotDelta woops didnt reply to your thing directly

  • @queldelar once you have installed and done everything, which according you , you have done it :) even edited dlclist file gr8, added custom dlc name cool,

    How to spawn the car ??? Not in the list?

    Well most trainers have this option called spawn by name,

    All you have to do is type in the name of the car you just installed, usually the name is given in the read me file,

    It is called spawn name. Go to the trainer option that says spawn by name, a box window will appear where you can type the name of the car or vehicle etc, then press enter and you car should appear!

    But sometimes if you did something wrong during the installation, like placed files in the wrong folder , or mistyped made a typo mostake, game will crash on loading on when you try to spawn the car,

    If you double checked that every step of installation you did correctly and yet the game still crashes?

    Well it means you need a gameconfig file, default configfile made by rockstar , doesn't allow mods or adding dlcs sometimes even replace versions crash,

    Therefore download the latest gameconfig file and install it. That will solve your game crashing,

    If you have further questions you can ask here, anyone available and with knowledge will try and help out.

    Welcome to gta5-mods forum :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta thanks man, yeah it doesnt seem like my nativetrainer has this spawn by name thing sadly, guess ill look for another trainer

  • @queldelar i would recomend enhanced native trainer or simple trainer.

  • @FoxtrotDelta thanks alot wow! enhanced trainer did the trick and it seems my setup was alright :P

  • @queldelar im going to tag this topic as Solved. Glad i could be of help. Happy modding!, and if you ever have questions post them here like you did. whenever someone has time or knowledge regarding your issue, People will try and help you.

    Have Fun Mods are super cool for gta 5.

  • @queldelar you can also try Menyoo (its a trainer too). It displays all the addon cars and so you don't have to remember the name. Alternatively you can try @ikt's Addon Car spawner which has the same function.

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