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[Map Request] Suburban areas (ghetto/low income)

  • Hey.

    I'm looking for a map of the types of areas as listed below:

    alt text (Less of the rich look, though.)

    alt text (Nice and ghetto, big roads too, perfect for street racing!)

    alt text (Quite pretty, isn't it?)

    alt text (A little town that obviously sits outside of the suburbs. Add this in the map.)

    alt text (Can't be like real life if you don't have a rough side of town. But I guess that's all suburbs, though, right?)

    alt text (Woah, talk about perfect theme for the ultimate crime simulator (GTA, duh?)

    Good luck to any who can make the suburb map. Please let me know if you need better examples, I can try and find some.

  • Bump, can't be forgotten.

  • Bump. Keeping it alive...

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