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[SCRIPT][RELEASED] Coming Leaving Home - Car Function

  • My Script Brings You The Car Feature “Coming and Leaving Home

    By Pressing A Key Which You Can Change In The Ini (by default L) Your Car Gets Locked And You Get Feedback From Your Indicators And The Horn. Like In Real Life The Interiorlight And The Vehiclelights Stay Turned On For A While
    The Player Is Animated

    By Pressing The Key Again The Same Features As Above But The Car Is Unlocked Instead Of Locked

    When You Unlock The Vehicle The Engine Automated Starts Too, After Lock When The Lights Go Of Automated The Engine Goes Off

    I hope you enjoy my mod
    Coming/Leaving Home
    file pending admin approval

    But here are a few screenshots and videos of the mod:



  • @TobsiCred This is kinda cool :) well done

  • @AuthorSaulAlan thanks for your feedback :smiley:

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