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1080P Snapmatics, a way around?

  • Hi.

    So it's really annoying that when you take a snapmatics photo, let it be selfies or any kinds of shots, the resolution is very low and on top of that you are also required to convert these files to viewable format such as jpg.

    Taking screenshots with printscreen button is so much better and it works mostly, however in some cases it's not the best option to simply capture a printscreen screenshot as you cannot add GTA V filters to that and you must hide HUD then re-enable it so it's a lot of work.

    So I thought, could there be a mod which disables all HUD elements while in snapmatics? With this we wouldn't have to go to Rockstar editor just to take a couple of shots. The basic idea is that if all HUD elements are not shown for example while taking a selfie, you could just printscreen it and it's done.

    So could anyone make this mod?

    Thanks !!

  • does Simple Trainers 'hide HUD and Radar' not do this?


    @Tengerecki I use Rockstar editor to take screenshots. I have the Steam version of the game so I hide R★ editor menu stuff and take a screenshot.

  • @VancityD I was asking if that function worked for the snapmatic in game :) Ill try and report back, if I can get my game to stop crashing :P

  • @VancityD said in 1080P Snapmatics, a way around?:

    @StrakanXJ I think he meant hide the radar and hud in the snapmatics.
    @Tengerecki i think there's a button to hide the hud. 'H' key.
    But i prefer like this Use This Mod, Ingame Screenshot Then Use the desired key (J, by default) hide the hud. Then take a shot with Fraps for example.
    And If you want some screen filters, then you might wanna use this. Or if not, Use Rockstar Editor.

    Thank you!!!! This was almost what I've been looking for. The "ingame screenshot mod" works but the screenshot mod doesn't for some reason even tho I got everything. However I downloaded this "menyoo stuff" which also has real-time on screen effects. So thx again but thanks everyeone who replied too!

  • Here's a pic I took with these 2 mods @VancityD recommended:

    alt text

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