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ELS Crashing game at startup

  • I have been having this problem for a week or so now... I do as the guide tells me, put all els files and els.asi and els.ini and advancedhookv to gta v directory then I have scripthookv and dinput8 installed. When I launch the game is looking normal but at the very end of the loading time it crashes. I been removing all els files and advancedhookv and it works completely fine, but then els wont work. if i add them again it crashes then if I remove scripthookv and have all of the els files and advancedhookv installed it works but then els wont work.. SO the game is crashing when I have both scripthookv and advancedhookv installed in the directory. Im on the steam version of GTA V and i would like some help if anybody can please do!

  • The same thing is happening on certain PC around the world. I am in Maryland USA. I have been dealing with the same issue all morning. This morning ELSV was working fine, this afternoon I try to use it the game crashes. I remove all the files associated with ELS the game loads and plays fine with no issues. Put ELSV back into the game and the game crashes. This same issue extends to all ASI files and most DLL files in the game as well none of the call out scripts and mostly ALBOS1125 mods dont work at all anymore and they were find a few days ago.
    So the only help I can recommend for you at this time is delete everything causing your game to crash. Make a back up of your Modified PEDS and Vehicles and Environment mods. Wait like the rest of us for another Social Club update that will wipe the slate clean and force the developers to update their mods with the current version. Until then we are hopeless ambulance chasers! lol

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE Huh, yea i'm in California and this has been going on for a week for me.
    Anyways thanks for the information!

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