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  • Whats The Deal With The Forceful Ads? Cant even read the description of mod with out being thrown to the bottom of screen where ad is. I guess i will have to get my mods elsewhere.

  • @Ksanaweb The ads shouldn't be controlling the page like that. If they are, please report them and Google will remove them because that is too intrusive. You can report an advertisement by clicking the "X" in the top right-hand corner of the ad. Thanks!

  • @Ksanaweb said in Ads:

    I guess i will have to get my mods elsewhere.

    alt text (Sorry, just needed a funny way to respond to that.)

    Anyways, as for that ad issue, do what everyone else said and install ad-block.

    Also be careful what sites you go to. Some sites usually change how ads function and in what ways they appear, it's possible you may have this issue, too. Run an Anti-Virus and run Disk Defragmenter, just to increase performance a little. After that, restart the computer. (Windows Logo - Power - Restart)

    Once that's done, go onto the same site, with same web browser, and try and see if an add pulls you down.

    Why I say defrag is because sometimes you need to do a little freeing up the disk, so doing this and then restarting makes a bit of a difference (At most for me, anyway.)

    Also try using a new browser. Do you use Mozilla, and what OS are you using, just to be sure?

  • @Ksanaweb I haven't seen that kind of ads on this website ever, make sure your browser or pc doesn't have malware on it.

    That forceful as behavior is usually cuz of malware or high jacked browser

    Plus non intrusive adds are a source for supporting the website, please avoid ad blocker, and adds usually show you the stuff you need, and it's a good idea to keep informed and avail a good opportunity for buying something you need.

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