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Scene Director for beginners? How to use?

  • Hi, I am new to using scene director and I have no idea how to use it. I watched the creator's video on how it works but when I go to have a go, it just doesn't record like I wanted. E.g I try to record doing a doughnut in a car and then replay it back, it doesn't do anything. Can someone make a video on how to use scene director?


  • The scenedirector youtube channel has a wealth of knowledge. nice slow video tutorials everything you really need to know. its tough to use at first but once you get comfortable with the controls its all about learning from experience and just using it. I like to use menyoo to search through the animations personally and then use them for scenedirector wen i find ones i like

  • Oh and too ur supposed to post in general modding discussion if you are asking for a tutorial by the way not tryna be uptight like some of the hall monitors around here its cool i did it too they'll relocate the thread @administrators

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