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GTA5 Mods List

  • Hey. I've asked this before a long time ago. Now some months later i'll ask again. Perhaps there has been a post from someone that i don't know of. Does anyone have a list of mods that adds new features, improves on existing ones or something like that. Like add GTA Online features to SP. Or Mods that improve the game. I saw a lot of good mods featured recently. But i'm missing a list like this. Something like the S.T.E.P. guide for skyrim where mods are recommended in any category which is made into a list to follow. I'm not saying GTA5 is as moddable as Skyrim, but a list comparable to S.T.E.P. list. I think that's all that i can think of. Looking forward to answers :)

  • @enjoythekilling Right off the bat, I'm going to recommend Lively World and GTA Realism. Both of these mods add much-needed functions in GTA.

    You can also use the Lively World mod to inject your addon vehicles into traffic.

  • Thanks. That's a start :)

  • Really admirable.. Thanks :) , Download here ....

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  • @enjoythekilling Funny you mention Skyrim. That is what I was playing for years, before GTAV won me over when it was first released. I wanted to return back after the Legendary 64 bit release of the game came out, but I won't return until SKSE is compatible, LOL. GTA Realism is a MUST, but RDE cannot be denied either - it really adds a LOT to the game. If you like real-life stuffage, go through Misc category, and get all the billboard mods - there are several. It is time consuming, but I compare individual textures to find the best quality and interesting ones. One thing to look out for, is that some of these modders are NOT making mip-maps to go along with their textures, which is really bad for performance. No texture should ever have a single mip-map, typically it should be 7 mip-maps for 256x256, 8 for 512x512, 9 for 1K and 10 for 2K.

    If you go through every Misc page, you'll eventually start seeing my mods as well. Look up JulioNib on google, and get his flash script, and then come here, and get find a flash model to your liking - it is wicked fun!

    Also if you want to replaced vanilla vehicles with real-life ones, tag me, I can give advice on what to do there. Also, if you don't use a trainer, the heavy service mod is an absolute must - it is under the scripts category. Single Player Apartment mod by I'mNotMental is also a good one, as it provides plenty of garages to store all your vehicles.

  • @eshenk Just wanna say - Julio privatised all his mods and now you need to pay him $2 to get the Flash mod. Thats why I didnt mention it in my first post.

  • @AHK1221 Well, if he wants mine he can tag me. Problem solved, LOL.

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