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Mod install Order?

  • Sorry if this has been covered before but I searched and found no topic titles that seemed to ask this question:
    Is there a specific order you should install mods? I am in the process of re-downloading GTAV on steam (because im an idiot and didnt back up my files - in the end it was giving me D3D errors in the launcher.txt and I was in a bit over my head)...
    I saw a modding guide that mentions an install order and I know modding Bethesda games you have to stick to a load order - so I ask if I should install mods in a certain way to minimize issues?
    Add Ons/Replacers

    Im using VisualV, IVPack and a bunch of immersion mods (fine tuned felony & response, fuel, gears, crouch, traffic speed), some add on peds for machinima purposes (simple trainer, scripthooks etc...go without saying) and of course, Open Interiors (I have used 2 versions of this which have made no difference).

    Ideally I would like to build a lore friendly immersive environment (y'know, the game R* should have delivered to us) so any suggestions for relevant mods welcome...

    [I was crashing driving around in SP (low % completed), sometimes in missions, quite often around downtown. Usually somewhere between Simeons and LifeInvader and currently never in Directors Mode, just SP.
    I realise some of the mods may cause issues in SP but I cant pin point which...]

    So any info would be really appreciated!


  • @StrakanXJ there is no mod order when installing mods. Just see if there is newer versions of the mods that you have been using. Pay attention to the description and comments to see if mods are incompatible with other mods. I suggest using a better gameconfig as it will allow more data to be read/loaded by the game to avoid any bottlenecks the original gameconfig may cause.


  • @StrakanXJ said in Mod install Order?:

    Usually somewhere between Simeons and LifeInvader

    Me too, game crashes in that Street
    If you find a solution, please, share, thanks

  • no solution as yet, I have just re-installed my game and the following mods (in this order):
    VisualV + grass package
    IVPack + trainer support,
    Faster AI Traffic.
    These still crash my game. Or rather, my game still crashes with these installed.
    I have rolled back my overclock on my CPU (from 3.7 to 3.5) as I have read a few things here and there about GTA finding unstable overclocks where even Prime95 doesnt...and also from seeing other Phenom 955 users report general instability over 3.6 although I have seen no other issues anywhere on my rig...I render pictures, videos, do 3D modelling, sit most days on Blender, Unity or some other game but only GTA finds a fault in my setup.

    I dont even get error messages, just that GTA has stopped working and I can Debug (if Visual Studio 2015 was still in trial period :/). I almost always have to ctrl alt delete to get off the frozen screen, too.

    Ill keep this topic updated though...

  • @StrakanXJ said in Mod install Order?:

    VisualV + grass package
    IVPack + trainer support,
    Faster AI Traffic.

    Did you run the game after installing each of those, or did you install them all and then run the game?

    If it was the latter, then that would be something I would recommend you don't do when diagnosing a problem.

    I would be tempted to create three mods folders called mods1, mods2 & mods3 and into them, put the default update.rpf file plus the x64\dlcpacks folder. Then in turn, rename each one to mods and then install one of those mods into each one.

    So in the end, you will have mods1 = VisualV + grass package, mods2 = IVPack + trainer support and mods3 = Faster AI Traffic.

    Then go through them again in turn, renaming each one to mods and running the game. If one of them causes the game to crash, that's the problem. If more than one of them cause the game to crash, then maybe the problem lies elsewhere.

  • @LeeC2202 You are right, I rushed to diagnose the issue and in turn have overlooked some vital steps to actually finding the problem. I can confirm that without mods, the game seems to run without fault, although I have to admit I maybe only tested for 30 mis mod free.
    I know the game worked with IVPack as I played a very long time with just that but to be absolutely sure I will do as you say...
    thanks for the advice/reminder to do things properly :P

  • just to update the situation and to hopefully aid anyone else looking to diagnose any issues. I have been fairly lax with my efforts up to this point and it's my own fault I have been having troubles. I have modded so many games I suppose (unlikely that many compared to some of you, of course) that I got lazy and skipped a few steps, overlooked a few things...

    Checking my EventViewer for the last crash I had, it pointed towards a .NET .dll error. Not sure what version was even installed to be honest, I had files from version 4.5 but it seemed to be running 3.~
    I have updated to 4.7 but not tested the game yet.

    [EDIT#1: played the base game with simple trainer, managed to complete the Vangelico Heist with no issues...I will replace my mods folder and dry run it later, see if there is still an issue after updating the .NET]

    [EDIT#2:Added VisualV w/grass, Indian Ocean and IVPack and played around half an hour, let simple trainer drive Franklin around the city. No issues to report yet. I need to add Fine Tuned Felony & Response, Faster AI drivers, Car Transporter, a couple of jedijosh's scripts and a bunch of peds & I will report again, if I dont stumble on anything before then....]

    Looks, for now at least, to have been a .NET framework issue.

  • yup, i now have all the mods i had installed previously re-installed and working like a charm, could be wrong but might even have less FPS drop too...

    It seems it was a .NET error in as much as I didnt have a recent version installed!

  • I'm testing this gameconfig, no gamecrashes for now

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