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[VEHICLES]1959 Ford Fairlane Coupe (I will pay $ for this)

  • I love the 1959 Ford Fairlane. I've got a framed photo of one on my wall, I've got models of it, and I'm soon to daily drive one. I really, REALLY would like for someone to make one in GTA V and I would pay money for it too based on how well you do. I will pay based on: texture/model quality, accuracy of car details, the ability to paint it two-tone, and the ability to add and remove pieces of trim such as chrome lining and the rear wheel guard. I'm not looking for the Skyliner with the retractable hardtop, just a hardtop coupe. If you have the skills and can help me, please reply to this and then PM me so I we can get into contact and talk about the details. If it is done well and to specifications I'm thinking $125.

  • @Global-Moderators MichaelBee624 I can do it , but I can't start work on any more mods for 10 more days, I'll garantee quality though. I'll leave you a personal message. If you are in a hurry than i guess someone else is going to help you out soon. While for me I can't start work on any mods for 10 more days

  • Foxtrot's on the job for me, thank you

  • @MichaelBee624 [Request Accepted] i'll try my best. I have do search and research about this model, there are next to no 3d model available for 2nd generation fairlane line.

    Lets hope I can come up with something. Of anyone else feels they have a model or can rigg it , you can take the request , I am pretty busy for at least 10 more days

  • @FoxtrotDelta I just had a look around and all I could find were different model years or well... The Skyliner...


    Could you maybe post some pics of the exact version you want? @MichaelBee624

  • 1959 Ford Tudor Sedan, I'm sorry I forgot to mention that sedan and coupe refer to bodystyle, not door count. The coupes have that elongated rear end with the short cab, while the sedans have a short rear end and a longer cab. Here is the tudor sedan: http://www.2040-cars.com/_content/cars/images/29/637929/001.jpg
    And here is a coupe: http://cdn.barrett-jackson.com/staging/carlist/items/Fullsize/Cars/152112/152112_Side_Profile_Web.jpg
    I'm looking for the tudor sedan model because I prefer the way it looks more like a car than a truck, the Skyliner almost has the dimensions of the Ranchero.

  • So it's actually not a coupe, I meant that it has two doors because modern cars are called coupes due to having two doors and does not reflect the bodystyle, unlike older cars.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak thanks skyline , that was my original idea, since he had 125$ budget , I purposes we buy that hum3d model and I'll change it's look and parts to match real life model of sedan , it's not much work if we get that model,

    But later the other guy , came along and he seems pretty good at making 3d models of vehicles , so I recomend him as he will do way better job than i could :P

    I hope they make a great quality car. Its a rare master piece.

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