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Can anyone make a mod which increases the sound of add on vehicles..

  • Ya.. As you read the title that's what I want... I think it's a great idea.. And its a problem for every player... Thank you..

  • @Skik_The_Gamer said in Can anyone make a mod which increases the sound of add on vehicles..:

    And its a problem for every player...

    Be careful when you speak for everyone... it's not a problem for me.

    Addons use the sound effects for the vanilla cars. If you look in vehicles.meta for an addon, you will see something like this:


    That means that addon is using the same sounds that Elegy2 uses.

    None of my addons are any quieter than the vanilla cars and none of my vanilla cars are any louder than the addons using that car's sounds.

    And just to prove the point... here's a comparison video of the addon I took that line from and the vanila car.

    And here's the audio levels comparison of that video clip.

    alt text

  • @Skik_The_Gamer As @LeeC2202 Said in a good test, there is not problem with add-on vehicles related to any game data. The only thing that can affect the vehicle sound, is a bad modder who put the engine dummy in a wrong position and the game sound engine can't emit a well directional sound.

    (GTA V sound engine works with some simple physics, but if for example, the sound emitter is under two or more polygon layers, the sound is reducted and some modders leave the engine dummy under more than one polygon layer affecting the loud and clear sound behavior).

  • Sorry for the inconvenience... But i do find that the vehicle sound is a bit low both vanilla and add-on The rest like dialogues, etc are so high than the vehicle sound. Plus i do know add-on cars use vehicle audio from vanilla vehicles...

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