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In-depth graphic analysis

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    I stumbled upon a really great find, and wanted to share it here on the forums. For many modders, it may explain why certain things behave the way they do, when one is having trouble getting something to look "right".


  • @eshenk I remember reading that article... some very good info in there.


    @eshenk great article, I understood like 3% of it but I found it incredibly interesting.

    Too bad there isn't a huge font bold lettered message on how I can remove the jaggies on my game play with my Asus GL552VW... I thought a i7 960m would be a bit better with GTA 5... I don't see such jaggies on other games such as Portal 2 and Metro 2033.

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    @DarthPungz I hate the aliasing in this game, it is the worst I have ever seen of ANY game. Sometimes when looking at straight lines off in the distance, while standing still, I see marching ants wildly moving both left and right, Ugh. It doesn't matter what I do to attempt to get it under control.

  • @eshenk said in In-depth graphic analysis:

    It doesn't matter what I do to attempt to get it under control.

    Have you tried heavy drinking?

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