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Big, white box map? As in, an empty white space to make movies?

  • Does something like this exist? Where either all of the roads, terrain, etc have been removed, or a big empty white box has been created? I'd like to stage some stuff inside a place like this to film it. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. I've installed Map Editor, etc. though I am not able to bring in props, all of them come up as 'invalid'

  • So this is not possible?

  • @prismspecs for "invalid " prop it mean two thing, you miss requirment like object spawn unlocker 1.0 ( not the 1.1 wich not work) or you can get menyoo trainer that contain object spawn unlocker too ( even if you wanna use map editor and not menyoo spooner)

    Or than you're in the wrong area. for exemple a desert road is only valid if you open the prop menu ( F ) into the desert. A paleto house will be only valid if you're at paleto when opening hte prop menu. etc ( same for loading wich must be done in the area of the object used ( you can place a marker and tick the loading marker box wich will tp you at the right place when loading))

    About the big white box. You mean you want a big white box object to make map in it for changing the background ? ( i thought it was green for this kind of thing but i don't know a lot about that may i'm wrong )

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