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Vehicle Physical Camber[Community Solution Finding]

  • I want for once to see if the community along can find how rockstar made it to make positive and Negative Camber happen without the need of having shit edits at tires? by this i mean the current way we modders do it, that cars lose the property of using custom tires.
    Vehicles somehow after the 2nd Lowrider update seem to have a property that lets them be somewhat cambered, from little to ALOT like slamvan3[Slamvan that appears once purchasing Bennys update].

    Been trying everything at handling, even trying to replicate slamvan3's handling into an stock car but nothing, checked dummies and everything related to slamvan3's at zmodeler3.

    Hope talented modders get into this and we find it. This would be something for the whole community to use and stop making fake cambering

  • I tried any possible ways to make make camber possible without losing the tuning wheels feature, none is possible, but I haven't try with handling. could it be hydraulic?

  • I tried to use faction2 handling.meta , i think this is the car that has the most high negative/positive camber values , without success .
    Maybe need to find lines in handling and maybe properties in wheel or suspension dummies

  • What i will try to do is make a custom car for slamvan3, if that car gets cambered automatically its in other place and not the model itself, if it loses the camber then is a property zmodeler3 is not able to read

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