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help need setting for pc mid end

  • spec :
    Intel G4560
    GTX 1050Ti 4GB
    4 GB RAM
    Wndows 7 64

  • @MrG Actually you don't need help. The in-game settings menu has a vRam capacity slider, that tells you how much vRam consumption is used based on which combination of settings you choose. Try to keep it so that it does not go into the "yellow" and certainly not the "red".

  • @MrG just keep it at auto, it will select the best settings for you, if it lags try reducing features like anti-aliasing , tesslation and draw distance, also setting textures to medium might help

  • @MrG http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=1308&game=Grand+Theft+Auto+V&p_make=Intel&p_deriv=Pentium+G4560+3.5GHz&gc_make=Nvidia&gc_deriv=GeForce+GTX+1050+Ti+4GB&ram=4&checkSubmit=#systemRequirements

    It says Low. Which with GTA means Normal across the board.
    I have a PNY 1050 Ti 4GB and it is a great card but my Phenom II x4 955 BE bottlenecks it - from what info I can find, your CPU is of a similar year but meant as a budget processor so Im really not sure. I run my CPU at 3.5Ghz and I can get 40 - 50 FPS on medium (GTA calls it High) pretty much everywhere, with VisualV installed. I have 8GB of RAM though.
    There are a few 'mods' on this site that claim to increase performance on lower end systems if you are struggling, the one I tried for medium rigs gave me a good starting point but I cant leave things alone so tweaked a little.
    Checking Youtube I saw someone with an almost identical PC to mine running the exact same settings (High for everything) and getting the same average FPS.

    this guy (I think with 8GB of RAM) gets a good benchmark on Normal textures quality but mostly high for everything else, check it out

  • @StrakanXJ your cpu is a huge bottleneck, yet you should get 40 fps on average on high settings,

    If you use heavily modified gta 5, than that could take like 10 fps. Away.

    High settings should be good. 1050ti is a good card yes, not ideal but yes decent. High settings should be okay,

    Get a better cpu you would be amazed how much it can improve your gaming experience .

  • i will need to upgrade my mobo, RAM and CPU but I plan to, just got to find room in the budget :P
    To make clear: I do get 40 - 50 average and I am on High settings. I only call it medium because its relative. I can run it on Very High but I have to put up with drops down to the high 20's in busy areas which Im not too happy with. Haven't tried it on Ultra obviously...although Nvidia Experience thinks I should be on Very High for a few things, I think its wrong and would rather find a balance between smooth gameplay and nice graphics rather than stunning graphics displayed on console framerates.
    I bought this game for the 360 on release. I have it on the Xbox One. I can suffer low FPS on those formats but there is something much nicer to playing with higher frames.
    I would actually say my average is 50 as I rarely go into areas where its that bad my FPS drops below 35 and I have Vsync set to 50Hz because my TV/monitor can support it and I figure it relieves a bit of stress on the system. Could be wrong. It usually sits in the 48-50 zone though.
    I have also done everything I can to trim down Windows 7 services and background processes so I believe this particular machine is a little better than most benchmarks. Its nothing special but it has done me proud. I used to run GTA on a 560 Ti 1GB. Even then it was rather good but I pushed the VRAM usage up near 2GB.
    Sadly, my mobo is the wrong socket type, AM2+ lol so I am not even utilizing the most I can out of the CPU and the DDR2 RAM is a further handicap to its performance. It still does me proud, though!

    Anyway, not trying to derail MrG's thread...

  • @MrG @StrakanXJ Here a Phenom II x6 1100T 3.3 GHz with a PNY GTX 1060 6GB (love for purists that brand cause keeps the original architecture and specs from nVidia labs) and 8 GB of RAM and so... here not exists any "bottleneck" even in maxed settings. Average FPS is ~65 even in city highways. I think, the best (and cheap) optimization in hardware to run well and stable GTA V is a SSD storage, cause the constant load of data and assets from a hard disk, is the worst issue with the game.

  • @Rarefacer I have been looking for a CPU upgrade and considered the Phenom x6 but for the price you can pick up an FX9590 for about the same here in the UK, slightly less even...so I'll probably future proof a little and go 'Octa'.
    I like the 1050 but it has no SLI, can the 1060 6GB use SLI?
    Will upgrade my mobo on friday to an MSI 970 R2.0, get 8GB of RAM and keep the Phenom another month and see how it goes. Game-Debate rates High for the x4 955 BE, x6 1100T and the FX 9590, only recommends more RAM. Even a Ryzen 7 came out the same so I think moving to DDR3 and actual AM3 capability will be a good move.
    An SSD is on my shopping list too, probably pick up an inexpensive 240GB for the OS and GTA and keep everything else on my old mech drives!

  • @StrakanXJ You can take the AMD FX9590 if your board support AM3+.
    If you can buy mobo, also you have other good options like a i5 7600 or a i7 Quad core 6700 or the best of the actual market is the Ryzen processors in its 1500 and 1600 series, all are in that price range.

    Yeah, some brands supports SLI on GTX 1060 6 GB

  • Well what to say, My Pc specs:

    Intel i5 3330 @ 3.0 ghz
    8 gb ram
    GPU: EVGA gtx 750 ti SC 2 gb.

    I play gta v in auto detected setting. Using Visual V with tweaked time cycling and it looks (40 fps) like I had a 2k pc on my opinion.

  • Honestly, I think the "vram" amount slider thing is not as accurate as people might think. I have a GTX 950 which has 2 GB of vram and I can go beyond that to about 2500-3000 MB without getting significant frame loss, usually about 50-55. It depends on what settings, some which require more vram such as texture quality, will cause stuttering, settings like post processing do not require a lot of vram because it depends on the "clock speed" of the card. So yeah, don't let that vram slider hold you back lol. And no, it doesn't "hurt" the video card in any way, the slider is just there to give you a estimate.

  • the VRAM slider is literally how much graphics memory it will need to dedicate at peak times for the settings requested. It will use that much memory whether you have it in VRAM or not, it will simply have to unload and regather resources across the PCI connection. If you have a good memory clock on your GPU it should be negligible how much performance loss you see but if the Mem Clock cant handle the rate the GPU needs to fetch data you will notice a loss in perf.
    Im curious just how much difference an SSD makes...so im gonna go out and buy one for my system and report back.

  • @StrakanXJ SSD are the real deal. I can fully load and be inside windows 7 in about 6-7 secs. SSD cut the loading time to about half for video games. I can load gta v by the 2nd loading screen or just as the 3rd one is coming on. I would stay away from samsung ssd as they tend to have a higher failure rate then other ssd companies.

    @FreezIn also from what i have heard if you use more vram then what is on your graphics card eventually you will kill your graphics card. A couple people have told me this and have had to replace their graphics card from using too many vram.

  • In theory, it shouldn't "damage" it at all. If anything, textures might flicker and holes in the map. It's really hard to kill a GPU like that, the only worse thing that can happen is a crash. People are using their video cards for bitcoin mining, and their temps are always 70-80c at almost always 100% usage, but they still manage to have the GPU survive for some good period of time. Exceeding vram usage will never even be near as intense as bitcoin mining, and it's almost impossible to cause a GPU to be dead to the point you need replacement. As long as your fps is still high enough that is still playable for you, it's pretty much fine.

  • I bought an SSD, the only one available in my local stores was a WD Green, I have used WD HDDs almost exclusively and never had an issue so I wasnt bothered...should I be?
    a 240GB just for the OS and a handful of programs with about 1TB of backup HDD space.
    I forgot to turn the FPS counter on when I reinstalled steam but I can confirm that almost all stuttering has gone and I am getting a stable frame rate certainly above console levels (I estimate 45ish average but It could be anything to be fair, Ill check properly next time I boot up GTA)
    I didnt notice a huge difference in my GTA load time, It was starting on the 4th screen before but is maybe on the 3rd now? My boot time is rediculous now though haha.

    I also had an issue with my RAM, a faulty stick. The unmatched stick amongst 3 kingstons so I shouldnt be too surpised. Im down to 6GB now but I made a 10GB paging file on the SSD to make up some of that.

    Thanks for the push for the SSD though, I could have ended up buying a load of other components and not seen anywhere near as much difference. Still need the upgrades though lol.

  • @FreezIn its not the gpu that dies on the videocard its the ram that goes. Its usually always the ram that dies or gets messed up before the gpu does. I have never heard of gpus being faulty but im sure they has been a few cases although very slim. And your statement almost makes it sound like you cant kill a videocard which you can.

  • It's certainly possible to kill a video card. My last card, a 560 Ti, was worked to death...a dodgy PSU causing shutdowns no doubt added to the strain of running overclocked and supertweaked on anything I threw at it. It eventually died after being put in the oven 2 or 3 times to re-seat the solder. I wasn't sure that was the issue to be honest but it worked the first few times. Eventually part of it burnt out while playing Outerra or Space Engineers. Physically charred. I could have possibly replaced the little black bit but no point seeing as it was old anyway...but yeah you can kill em just by using them (Overclocking and unstable system - specifically cheap PSU's)

  • @Willief23 The thing is, the main reason why GPUs become faulty is overheating and cooling issues. Killing a GPU by exceeding its limit of compute power/memory limit is actually a myth. Insufficient cooling, or overclocking is probably the only reasonable way to kill a GPU because it generates excessive heat that the cooler can't keep up with. Besides GPUs, anything in the world would wear down by heat, just like how brake pads on a car wears out, throughout your years of driving it.

    If anytime, the GPU's memory runs out, it gets dumped to your RAM, which while performance sucks, it doesn't harm anything.

    But that shouldn't even bring your temps to insanely high temperatures, since the game wouldn't utilize 100% usage at all times.

    But to put it to perspective, I bet you guys have tried running games that you know your computer doesn't even meet the specifications, either your CPU is too slow, not enough RAM, etc.

    Running GTA V beyond your recommend memory limit is exactly the same as running games you know your computer wont handle.

    And the result? You get 30 fps. But does anything "break"? I can bet you 100% nothing happens, unless your temps are insanely high.

    I think people treat your parts too "gentle". Well I mean that's reasonable, but manufacturers built these things to last, unless you don't use it as it is intended to be used, then its a whole different story. Not saying you should be completely careless of what you do on it, but you shouldn't treat them like special snowflakes.

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