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[Vehicle] [Completed] Ford Escape 2012 HQ

  • Here i show you My upcoming Project of Ford Escape 2012 HQ VIP Donation Mod For @Elope ,
    The Model is From hum3d.com Royalty Free , only condition is i make it un-extractable meaning,
    it needs to be Locked. which i always do. there will be multiple variants of this in time, Police version,
    Rescue Version, etc in future with all sorts of features. Liveries will be Done by Elope. keep tuned :)

    Progress Bar :P Completed

    Photos of the Model im using:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Elope WIP thread established as work reached 10%.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Cool model. Well, add "un-extractable" in the license conditions is a bit crazy, not exists "un-extractable" model in all GTA modding haha

  • @Rarefacer well, at least it's locked. and not only in gta 5. any game is equal to GTA 5. any game can be ripped from not only game. application softwares which use 3d models can easily be ripped. so there is that.

    no worries i asked and told them what i am going to do with it. when i got it like months ago.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yeah, sometimes I wonder why the 3D authors are so hermetic with models when sold the model if finally, every 3D format extension is the same thing, readable and writable, no matters the platform or application. Everybody can rip as you said or read directly the memory and extract the hexadecimal data to be converted in a mesh. Well, everything ends in public 3D contents. Good for those videogames development companies like Valve and Bethesda, offering native tools to modify their games, that adds more life to the games.

  • @Rarefacer customizing and modding a game is a must feature for the pc games of modern age.

  • This looks nice, I hope @Elope you will release :)

  • @ethannn_ Elope usually does Release it for Public. he is like me :)

  • Are you using the original model or did you make use of hum3d's lower poly service? :thinking:

    Can't wait for NYPD version xD

  • @SkylineGTRFreak original model. What are low poly services to optimise the mesh? This one is 1 k poly .

    And yes elope wants ELS supported NYPD and rescue version too.

  • @FoxtrotDelta 1k poly? :thinking: So... 1.000 poly? That would be very low xD

    Basically they offer to optimize the model for game useage when you pay extra 50$. I'd like to know how good the service is, so I can buy the president cadillac limo :/ But nobody has experience with it.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak ahh. you Got me. i meant 1 million :P

  • @SkylineGTRFreak i think their services should be Good. but i haven't really used it. @nathanjamesddg151 managed to reduce a model of the destroyer without loosing details. i wonder which tool he used though.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Autodesk Maya 2017.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Thank you for the info :) i hope your exams are going well.

  • @FoxtrotDelta By the way,it's not a rescue version :/,it's a lifeguard version...beh what's the difference XD
    alt text
    @SkylineGTRFreak Yup Imma gonna do some NYC stuff,to go around in LC when OPENIV finally release their project in the future :P For now I'm sticking to LAFD vehicles,gonna post some low quality screenshots for them soon :<

  • @Elope hmm great but as you said what's the difference. but technically yes you are right. and i was wrong :P

  • @Elope does the lifeguard verion have sirens and lights? and if so a picture of that would be helpful in near future. my aim is to get this vehicle into gta 5 before 25th of this month. if all goes according to plan . God willing.

  • @Elope Surf board and light bar
    alt text

  • @Elope this mod just reached 60% mark. i'll try to be quicker.

  • @FoxtrotDelta What program are you using in the screenshot above this post?

  • @Vlad Thanks.

  • @Elope 80% Mark Reached.
    alt text

  • @Elope 98% mark reached. in game pictures soon.

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