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[SCRIPT] Animated blower butterflies

  • An amazing feature only GTA Vice City had, if I'm not mistaken.

    As far as I know, GTA V does know what turbo is (there are functional turbo indicators inside some cars), so there should be a native to read its value and apply a rotation degree based on it to the butterflies model, which can be defined either as a door or a boot/bonnet or something else.


    IV aswell via EPM if I recall correctly. Fearful how soon I forget stuff like this

  • Yeah, probably, never used EPM, honestly. Still, would be great to have this feature in V. I guess it's okay if I ask @ikt or @CamxxCore if they can do it, right?


    The two unknown natives which return a float don't have much to do with turbo it seems.

    I did find the address to get the value of the turbo, which can be used in scripts I suppose.

  • Wow, sounds promising.


    Here are the addresses, there could be gaps though, but the latest 0x838 still applies to 1.0.1032.1 update.

    float VehicleExtensions::GetTurbo(Vehicle handle) {
    	auto address = GetAddress(handle);
    	auto offset = (gameVersion > G_VER_1_0_350_2_NOSTEAM ? 0x7F8 : 0x7D8);
    	offset = (gameVersion > G_VER_1_0_791_2_NOSTEAM ? 0x818 : offset);
    	offset = (gameVersion > G_VER_1_0_877_1_NOSTEAM ? 0x838 : offset);
    	return address == nullptr ? 0 : *reinterpret_cast<const float *>(address + offset);

    I'm not sure if ScriptHookVDotNet also has these addresses, but you can check the repo. I think it does but it's not in any releases yet.

  • Awesome, thanks, I'll see if I can do something myself this time.

  • how do you install mods for gta 5

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