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[PAINT][WIP] - Rocket Bunny Rx7 Add-on Repack XD

  • Hello guys Chiz_wiz here :)

    I'm going to re-release erfet's rocket bunny rx7 with new liveries [5k], texture updates (lights etc.) and a handling update for the add-on...


    1. (JPN) Re-Ameniya & Keisuke Takahashi (under revision)
    2. (JPN) Scoot & Renown 787b Homage Edition (not yet released)
    3. (AUS) P.P.R.E. & Jack Daniels (not yet released)
    4. (USA) Spotter Crew x Speedhunters (not yet released)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Got around the screenshot problems hahaha XD Thanks @QuadGore alt text

    alt text

  • Released a few weeks back :)

    alt text

    Okay guys I'm updating this with some fixes...

    +Re-textured decals (both carbon, kevlar)
    +Re-Ameniya pure kevlar edition.. (just the kevlar parts. No carbon hood and spoiler)
    +Maybe improved size and dds compression XD

    to be updated this weekend.. along with the r32 release maybe :)

  • @Frazzlee i haven't tinkered on the handling yet... and this is erfet's rx7 model.... it's not mine :)

    erfet's rx7

    On the add-on version i plan on making the suspension stiff so that the wheels don't overlap the fenders and maybe a semi-realistic drift handling (no ice drifting)

  • @Frazzlee Thanks for showing interest man but it's gonna take quite a while XD

  • Can you make FC3S INITIAL D version please...

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