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bodyguards follow by car/bike/any other vehicles (plane etc)

  • in gta 4 there is simple native trainer which has this option i can choose specific ped follow us by nearest vehicle but in gta 5 i didnt find any mod do such thing
    if u know any mod ? like bodyguards follow me on vehicles pls post message here
    gta 5 simple native trainer have option to follow on bodyguards section but they just following me on foot well any help

  • simple trainer also has a setting to spawn a driver who will drive without you in the car. It ALSO has a setting for followers to follow you in a vehicle but I havent got it to work too well as yet, worked for one follower out of 3 I had, I sat on a one seater bike and still only one follower got one of the other bikes I spawned for them :/

    Also would like to know this one....

  • @noob2015 use the search option on the main download site and type in bodyguard there are tons of mods for that.

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