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[Reference/Tool] Prop DLC Manager

  • How's it goin? Not so good since AddonProps is starting to grind your gears, eh? Well look no furthe--- Ok, ok, yeah. This is a tutorial on how to use a tool I made. It's pretty basic so don't get your hopes up. Source code linked below.

    What does it do?

    • Allows you to create dlc packs for props on-the-fly

    Will there be updates?

    • Maybe not. :/ I don't have a lot of time these days, but if there's a terrible bug, then I'll be sure to try and fix it.

    (Now that that's out of the way :sweat_smile: let's get started!)

    :one: Build your dlc into an installer.

    • :a: Name your dlc (this is not to be confused with the name of the dlcpack which will be important later).
      Enter the name in the CMap Name field at the top of the app.

    • :b: Now, let's build the dlc by clicking the build button at the top of the app.
      Select your Output Directory. I'll choose my desktop.
      Click OK and give a name to the dlcpack. I'll use mypropdlc.
      Click OK and the package will be built under the name PropInstall.oiv in your Output Directory.

    :two: Install the dlc.

    • :a: Double click the .oiv file and OpenIV should begin to load.

    • :b: Once inside the OIV Package Installer, click the Install button, and choose "mods" folder if you don't want to lose original files. (You can read the description to see what this package replaces/edits.)

    :three: Adding props.

    • :a: Go back to the Prop DLC Manager. Here you can see I have a folder of .ydr files (all embedded) that I'd like to add to the manager. All I have to do is Select All > Drag Into The Data Grid View.
      Now we select a preset for our items. Leave the TextureDict field blank if you wish to use the prop name as the dict.
      Click Done when finished. You can configure your props from the manager if you would like to tweak values.
    • :b: Now click File > Export to export your props to a ytyp.xml file.
      Once you've exported your file, with OpenIV navigate to your new dlc props folder.
      Drag and Drop your ytyp.xml file into the rpf folder. (OpenIV will import it as "open format" and create a ytyp file from it.
      Now we just drag all of our .ydr files into the dlc folder, and our prop dlc should look like this:

    Now that we're done, make sure to keep your [namehere].ytyp.xml in a folder somewhere for later use. This is just like addonprops in the sense that you can add props to the xml file by creating new entries in the data grid. You can also open other ytyp.xml files and edit those as well. You don't need to rebuild every time, just exporting the data to ytyp.xml and dragging it into OpenIV is enough.

    You can get the C# Soruce Code here.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • @sollaholla good work

  • Updated v1.1

    • Fixed prop flags and texture types not correctly saving.
    • Fixed null reference errors.
    • Added automatic value assignment when new prop entry is added.

    :file_folder: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5vu17ax41bk7pgm/GVDLCM.zip

  • Updated again. This might be the final release for awhile.

    • Fixed small spelling mistake that causes the program to crash.

    This release is stable, and has no known bugs.

  • @sollaholla when I drag and drop props, the preset window appear, so I set it and press done but nothing happen ;S any idea from what it could come ?
    Also, was thinking starting as admin will solve the issue, but the drag and drop don''t work in admin mode xS

  • @Shaezbreizh I have to push the changes for the new version and package it, I added a lot more features and fixed more bugs.

  • Updated v1.2

    • Change texture dictionary field to text box for different dictionary names.
    • Added ability to read text files with prop names and create rows from that.
    • Added bound definitions to ytyp file.
    • Fixed program breaking bug, not allowing user to export or build files.

    :file_folder: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5vu17ax41bk7pgm/GVDLCM.zip


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