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[help] anyone whose experienced using 3ds max porting clothes from mp to sp

  • alright so i just finished settings up 3dsmax finally because i want to start working with the models i downloaded a bunch of tutorials to get me familiar with the program but that on its own will take forever. i followed a youtube video on how to port the clothes from mp into sp and it worked so far, i managed to get the parka ported and loaded on franklin, these are the steps i used to import the jacket.

    -i had to load a torso model exported from openiv into odd format, i used the very first one the tank
    then i had to load the model i wanted to port (parka)

    -next it told me to delete the low and med models of the parka jacket

    -then i delete the game mesh and the skin sections, and then click modifier list and select ffd 4x4x4
    this gives me this orange box and i then have to adjust them in order to fit right using head/hand/chest/leg models for reference

    -i also click vertex and adjust some of the dots, i dont know to much about these or how the work but i know they control the texture like dimensions, wrinkles and shadows and stuff. anyway i move some of them to make the texture im using look better instead of all stretched and weird, i can provide the files i currently have model and texture to help.

    -after this i click all other models and press delete except for franklins chest model, i then select this model go to vertex and then hit ctrl a to select everything, the dots turn red and then i hit attach, then i click the parka jacket and confirm the message it gives, now the parkas vertex shows along with the red ones but theyre blue instead.

    -now i hit delete again and it deletes franklins chest model leaving only the parka jacket,

    -now i export it for gta and when i select which models to export i only leave the original franklins chest model uppr_whatever instead of the parkas which is jbib_whatever this exports and everything gravy.

    -i then import the new model into gta and it replaces and everything then when i load gta in game the model looks fine and everything except for some of the animation, for instance the bottom of the flaps are a little distorted and stiff meaning the dont flow with movement as well as the lower back section of the jacket remaining stiff as well. if anyone can shed some light on this i would appreciate it, i can provide any info about what i did if needed.

    also if i should have posted this question somewhere else also let me know. thanks.

  • @DamnWolf @420x420 @4NG4H yall are pretty experienced with this sort of thing, maybe any of you can help me out as well, we all gotta start somewhere.

  • the model in 3ds max <heres a picture

    and heres a link to a video i made real quick to kinda demonstrate what i mean, i dont know how to take good screenshots yet so yeah bare with me.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xspcsl4l55q86p/Grand Theft Auto V 5_17_2017 4_18_09 AM.mp4?dl=0

  • Make sure you use a similiar clothing piece as the one you're trying to add as all the bones are different so for instance if your adding a t shirt from online make sure you use franklins normal t for the bones and if you're using a buttoned up jacket make sure you use his zipped up jacket for the bones

  • @420x420 interesting, thanks ill try it out
    *hell yeah good looking out

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