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[ Made in America ] HQ Chevrolet Corvette C6 Cabrio & luxury Motorhome

  • this Nice corvette with the roof as extra.


    Detailed luxury motor home.



  • Now this would be awesome, and in the middle of the motorhome on passenger side have a slide out to hold a small car, I have seen real RV's like that

  • @CutHere luxury house on wheels good idea

  • There are a good quantity of luxury RV models on Turbosquid, but they're all in the $/£100 to $/£1000 range. I'd say that It'd probably be best to raise the money for a model first.


    actually @FoxtrotDelta and I were making a similar motorhome mod
    will be using the coach "dashound" remove all seats redesign the interior, there were also a small garage on bottom that can store a vehicle

  • @ImNotMentaL You said '' were '' like it's not going to happen or you both '' was doing '' like it still going to be release?? I'm confuse


    @CutHere because it is plural

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