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Very odd problem. Need Help from the community.

  • I have Created a low ride bicycle for @biggdog and it replaces BMX bicycle. i tested it out and it works perfect with my game, no problem at all, when i replace bmx or even when i use it as Add on. on my latest version of game with Steam.

    But, @Biggdogg & @GanjaHouse have also Tested it and when they spawn it in Game their Game Crashes.

    i asked my Friend @LeeC2202 to test and Confirm he has the same Result as me and his game does not Crash.
    i tested the bicycle on my brother's PC and it did not crash on his Game either.

    user's who report Crash also report that if they used a different gameconfig file, the bicyle spawns without a problem. but the thing is , with that gameconfig they can't have more than 5 bikes replacment or add ons.

    which begs the Question, is my Mod creation in Erorr? i double checked every material and Collision and axis point etc. they are exactly as a regular BMX bike. yet those user's report crash . while in my game and some others there is No Crash at all.

    Link to download remove as requested by owner of the model. Thank you all for the tests and positive feed back. It has been established that the mod creation didn't have a problem. Some people have limitations , that's what I need to figure out now.

    Thanks all for paticipation :) amazing community!

    Tests and pills showed the model spawning in unrelated to what I suspected.

  • alt text

    It also breaks perfectly, wheels even scatter around.

  • @Eddlm Thanks for the Vote and the comment , I appriciate it Thumbs up!

    one thing i just noticed, in the screenshot. are the handle bars and the basket Black colored like in the picture or is it just a bad angle gives totally black shade. i had made it Chrome ish.
    alt text

  • Well, they appear darker to me, even in the sun.
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Eddlm Thanks. must be the spec map i made anyways it's an easy fix. Good thing is the bike spawns.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak also confirms the bike works without a problem. he couldn't see the vote thread so he might cast a vote later when he comes and visits the forum again. so 3 votes so far they say it works.

  • Glad I could be of help.

    However I want to report I can't ring the bike's bell, there's no sound.
    (Simple Trainer says the horn is -9, but that's true for all other bikes, looks like.)

    I also can't jump with it, but I assume that's intended, its too big for being able to jump :laughing:

  • @Eddlm i can jump with it. and i have not tried the horn yet. the jump thing is related to handling.meta or vehicles.meta file. may be you have a mod installed that disables. it. i just checked and i can jump. Hop!

    im Glad you helped out.

  • @FoxtrotDelta No issues here (just the chair looks a bit... painfully inside of ass).

  • @Rarefacer bwahahhaha! Thank you for your comment. i'll see if i can pull that seat a bit down :P Thank you for the vote also!.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Installing now! I'll come back with results

  • @westcoastsosa Looking forward to your results and vote :) we got a Great Community here i love you guys!. al lof you Thanks alot.

  • @FoxtrotDelta looking really good better than what I was expecting after you ran into issues! Are these still the same wheels? I changed the seat pattern and as you can see in the screenshots it changes the steering wheel and other small pieces on the bike which would better be tied to primary or secondary colors? Secondly when the bike is parked it kind of spins like its on display, maybe ill grab a video for you. But overall doesn't crash, where as other bmx replacements did crash my game. I even loaded it into my car show no problems. Also some liveries and ability to change wheel color would be awesome for future updates. Great work!

    I'm running a steam version and ive replaced more than 70 cars and reached my addon limit. No issues

    0_1495063514289_Screenshot (163).jpg 0_1495063512086_Screenshot (162).jpg 0_1495063509598_Screenshot (161).jpg0_1495063506447_Screenshot (164).jpg

  • @westcoastsosa it doesn't spin for me when static but i will lookin into that. and thanks for chaning the texture lets me lknow where the problems are :) great help.

    but since you can load it into the game and ride it that's great news!. please vote above in the Poll. and hit yes it works.

    i'll be fixing these bugs you pointed out tonight :) very Greatful. much thanks deserved :D !

    edit it did spin around in early Beta versions. yes. but latest version that i uploaded didn't have this issue. may be i messed up some axis some where easy fix. i'll check. Good news it works in game. no crash. ! pleave vote above ! Thumsbs up!.

  • @FoxtrotDelta No worries it was easy enough plus I've been waiting for something like this, so thank you! and @Biggdogg

  • @westcoastsosa i will give it secondary colors for handle bar and chain cover i guess. Big thanks from me once again !. splendid work.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @westcoastsosa Thankyou for the Vote!.

  • @westcoastsosa you can change primary color of the body right now. secondary is not an option for now. will add it tonight.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Also maybe the option to add a bunch of seat designs to choose from

  • @westcoastsosa hmm seat designs like textures? i'll see if i can make that a possibility.

  • @FoxtrotDelta yes like the design I switched, make it into a texture with multiple options so there's variety. I can look for a few HD low rider designs If you want

  • @westcoastsosa sure that would help. even if they are not HD 1024 or even 512 would be good as seat is not that big. HD not required. Thanks that would be a great contribution for something you love. i'll mention your input in credits.

    Edit, and since i think biggdog want's to upload it on his page. i'll ask him to mention your input on the dowload page as well. i'll put it in read me.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I got a handful of images. A few animal prints Zebra fur, White Tiger fur Snake skin, Crocodile skin, some leathers and velour. I can upload them here or send them to you. They look really good imo, fits well with the lowrider theme

  • @westcoastsosa you can upload here no problem.

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