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Open IV wont load "Mods" folder

  • Hello

    I am adding a lot of add-on cars, but now OpenIV wont load my mods folder. Why could that be?

  • Do you have OpenIV.asi and ASI loader installed? If they stopped working after an update, did you update update.rpf and re-add the lines in dlclist.xml?

  • Yes i have both installed. My "Mods" folder work, when i dont add to many add-on into it. If i add to many add-on. OpenIV wont load my "Mods" folder.

    I found something about some gameconfig, dont work with to many add-ons, and i tried 4 different gameconfig, still no luck.

    Right now i have 40 add-on cars, but if i add 5 more, the "Mods" folder wont work.

  • @ThomasKoch Combine the addons into one huge addon. There is a tutorial for this in the tutorials section.

  • @ThomasKoch try a good gameconfig like this one. But eventually you will run into an addon folder limit. Older game versions can run more addon folders then the newer game versions can.


    Like a few have said you will want to combine your addon car folders into 1 big dlc file. Dont go over 3.95gb in size for the dlc.rpf file otherwise your game will not load. Under the tutorials page on the forums there is a guide on how to combine car addons.

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