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Is it possible to remove unused key bindings for good?

  • Hi
    For some strange reason it is not possible to leave some key bindings empty in this game. I never use recording and I dont play online but still I have to have all those bindings set to a key. Is it somehow possible to leave some bindings empty so they are not assigned to a key?

    I appropriate all help here, this issue is so annoying.

  • @xxx78 I don't think that's possible or at least I don't know about it. You could maybe bind them to some macros or so. I never use my macro keys so this is a solution if you don't use them. Or just bind them to some unused key.

  • @xxx78 I bet there are a few scripts that could do this, not sure though. You know, I bet you could use a wireless controller and set it up so that it uses key binds from a controller instead, but I don't know, never got into using a PC with a controller. Or if you have a steering wheel or hell even a guitar from a specific game, I wonder if you can use that lol.
    I know man, I hate those keybinds too.

  • @xxx78 You can disable keybinds though some scripts rely on certain keybinds to be enabled. Here's a simple script you can try, I haven't tested it but it will disable the "ReplayStartStopRecording", "ReplayStartStopRecordingSecondary", "ReplayRecord" controls.

    Place the code into a txt file and rename the extension to .cs, then place in your scripts folder.

    You can find all the controls here: https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/blob/dev_v2/source/scripting/Controls.hpp

  • Thanks for suggestions guys. I tried making some macros but, i have like 18 different buttons, but they bind what I set the macro to and GTA dont accept multiple key combinations.
    Hmm maybe I could bind to controller, too bad I dont have one maybe time to buy one, have been thinking about for some time :)
    Im going to try the script and try to make script for more key bindings.

  • How about the fps ?
    i saw this script he used ONTICK, which makes the game run the script every 1 second

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