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GTA Crashes with black screen

  • I've tried every gameconfig here, but sometimes the game still crashes!
    I think I have to play as administrator by the GtaLauncher, but in this case all of my mods disappear, and I don't know why.


  • @BrandonOfRivia We need more info. What mods are you using? What scripts/ gameconfigs? Have you even confirmed that it is your game and not an outdated script or graphics driver?

  • Just car mods (add on) , lively world and a couple of jet (add on).
    I don't remember the actual gameconfig file... I have the last version of script hook and my graphic card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI , that's not the problem.

    Ok as administrator I have the mods...

    after put a motorcycle ''f131'' add on mod, game crashes: FATAL ERROR ,unrecoverable error restart the game .

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