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Help editing spawns

  • I've replaced the Noose Helicopter that comes after you at 5 stars with an unarmed Little Bird that can seat 6 people total (tested with bodyguards (two on each skid and two in the pilot seats))

    However, when it spawns in to come shoot at me, there's only 3 people in it (one in the pilot seat, one on each side)

    I was wondering if there was a way to increase the amount of police that spawn in the helicopters that pursue you so that when they come after me the helicopter's are fully manned

    I've tried looking in dispatch.meta and at the lines and editing the "NumPedsToSpawn" value for each of the helicopter dispatches.

    However, in game this doesn't do anything.

    I'm currently using RDE if that helps. I've looked through all RDE files and couldn't seem to find anything that seems to affect this

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