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I have a question.

  • I am not good at English.

    Please understand.

    I have a question.

    When you export it,

    The size of the model is different.

    What is the solution?



    There is only one problem.

  • @RoGun please ask the question in your native language i think than you will have a better chance of getting a good answer.

  • @RoGun If you ask about file size: No solution, is part of the Open Formats process. Leaves some data extra in the file no related to the game. Stay cool and keep modding.

    If you ask about fit models, this is the recommendation:

    Before to start all your rigging and hierarchy process, stay sure both models fits in the desired edges and then apply "Reset X-Form" modifier to lock the shape of the edited model and keep each vertex position. Later you can do all your rigging process normally with good export results if is well done.

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