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[CHARACTER][WIP] MP_Male Clothes Fix Using Franklin Hashes (and some michael)

  • Since Mod "Character Swap by Unkonwn modder" out, i came to this idea.

    the strunggle that i have is when use MP_Male as main character, then change the hashes to franklin's, the clothes when we play mini game (ex : like golf) it`ll mesh'up.

    basically this mod will fix the default clothes for several event of mini game like Golf, Scuba, Juggernaunt (maybe), tennis, yoga, etc.

    by swap/replace the MP_Male clothes "set" with franklin default clothes "set".

    why franklin?: Special ablility. yup right i choose franklin because his special ability's is awesome when other can be done by mod "ex: if we want michael`s ability, we can use slowmo mod". "YEAH I CAN USE FRANKLIN ABILITY AS MP_MALE"

    but also i'll fix the MP_Male tennis and yoga outfit to match michael one (at least it wont mesh`up) of course meanwhile using michale hashes.

    so if u guy`s might know simpler way (like change the clothes set of franklin n/or michael by changing some xml or other script), that will be helpful..

    Progress Done :

    • MP_Male will use Scuba tank + Mask + Fins Work as Franklin Hashes (Auto change when out of submarine and release it when grounded)

    • MP_Male Golf Outfit Fix as Franklin Hashes (+ With michael golf hat)

    • Coming Soon

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