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Need help to indentify fps heavy mods

  • Hi

    Since I started modding this game my fps have gone from 70-80 to 10-20.
    Im used to modify games like Skyrim and cities skylines and I use hundreds of mods, and only when adding very heavy graphic mods, or mods that add a lot of activity have I noticed fps drops, but usually only small fps drops.
    But in this game my fps seem to drop 4-5 fps for each mod I have added lately. Too bad I did not pay more attention to the fps drop, but I tested several mods together and did not think much about it.

    So I wonder if you could be so kind to see if any of the mods in the list could cause serious fps issues for a pc running i7 4790K@4.7Ghz and GTX 980 sli?
    Thanks for your help :)

    Here is my list of mods I have tested and that Im currently using in my test setup:
    4K Satellite View Map
    Accuracy Fix
    Active Gang Mod
    Ambient Weapons
    Ambulance Mini-Missions
    Ammu-Nation Truck Hijacking Events
    Animal Ark Shelter
    Basic Needs [Mod Pack]
    Better Chases + Arrest Warrant
    Build a Mission
    Bullet Time Mod [.NET]
    Buy Online/Special Vehicles in SP [ASI]
    Car Mechanic
    Classic GTA Power-Ups
    Community Script Hook V .NET
    Drag Meets [Being rewritten]
    Drug Trafficking
    Enhanced Taxi Missions
    Epic Explosions XX
    Farnsworth's Grand Theft Auto
    GTA 5 Online Missions for Single Player
    GTA 5 World Improvement
    Helicopter Effects
    Home Invasion
    Human Needs
    Illegal Street Races
    I'm Not MentaL's Persistance Mod [.NET]
    Indian Ocean (Clear Ocean Water)
    Life Is Not That Easy
    Lively World
    Low Life Crime
    LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
    Map Editor
    Menyoo PC [SP]
    More Random Events
    mpspecialraces in SP
    NFS gauge- RPM Gear Speedometer & Timer
    No More Disappearing Blips
    Nude Beach Girls (18+)
    Online Random Events for Single Player
    Open All Interiors
    Player Location Display
    Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership
    Railroad Engineer (train mod with derailment)
    Real Life Thunder
    Real Location Names
    Real Paramedics
    Realistic Nitro
    Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration (All Vehicles)
    Ripplers Realism
    Script Hook V + Native Trainer
    Simple CPR
    Simple Foot Controls
    Simple Fuel
    Simple Healthbar
    Single Player Apartment
    Single Player Benny's Original Motor Works
    Sitting Mod
    Stance-Crouch/Prone Mod
    Street Races
    The Red House (new heists and missions)
    Towing Service
    Tricky Vehicle Business
    Trifecta's Black Market Mod [LUA]
    Trucking Missions
    Vehicle Remote Central Locking
    Vehicle Repair Station [LUA]
    Wildlife Rescue/Recovery Missions [.Net]
    Working Taco Trucks

  • @xxx78 4k satellite is one of them and i think red house is massively outdated so i wouldnt use that one.

    I'm Not MentaL's Persistance Mod [.NET] will cause fps drop if you save too many cars around the city if they are addon cars being saved. You really dont need Simple Healthbar.


    @xxx78 Simple Player Apartments and Open All Interiors are good mods but them affects the game performance.

    I tested them long time ago and finally both went out of my game to avoid such problems.

    Also some script mods can cause conflicts and then performance issues, so be careful with that.


    @xxx78 4k settalite map, persistence mod if you have lots of saved vehicles, premium motorsport shop dealer, Indian ocean clear water. Map editor, bennys original shop, open all interiors. & no more disappearing blimps

  • Thanks a lot guys, I will start the elimination process with the mods you mentioned.
    I think I just remove all mods, install basic tools and start testing from there.

    After moving all mod related files out of GTA 5 folder I tested fps, and I got 124,6 average fps in the benchmark. I cant really imaging that I only have 10-20fps with all mods installed, that is an insane loss of fps.

  • @xxx78 GTA 5 World Improvement will probably eat your fps the most or 2nd highest fps killer as it adds alot of new objects/items to your game. if you really have to had the 4k satellite view map i would use a free program like gimp2 which is like a light version of photoshop and resize the 4k textures down to 2048x2048 and that will improve your fps. Cut your script mods down by 50-60% percent and you will notice more fps gain as well.

    VisualV, real life thunder, real location names, realistic nitro, player location display, and nfs gauge shouldnt affect your fps at all or maybe 1-2 fps so those are safe to use all together.

  • @Willief23 Thanks for your reply.

    I will check those out, yeah Im afraid that some of this script mods add a lot of work to the game.
    Good to know that some is ok :)

    The issue here is that there is so many cool mods I like to use, I have barely started to look at map editor maps, and I want to use more police mods, and I have other many mods I want to try. This is going to be hard, so many great mods I cant use...

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