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Scripts Don't Load

  • i installed the drug trafficking mod and did all it said but it doesnt load

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    Join the club buddy. I posted a thread on here a couple days ago about a similar lack of loading scripts issue, and nobody could be bothered to reply.

  • @matsimus @BikerJohnny Post a screenshot of your root GTA V folder and the contents of any ScriptHook log file in the root folder.

  • @BikerJohnny @matsimus Not sure if your problem is somewhat similar to the ones in this thread, but whatever: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/899/why-won-t-some-asi-scripts-load It may help, it may not. But if you do figure it out, let me know! Also, is it just some scripts or all scripts. If it is just some scripts, you may be missing some prereqs like ScriptHookVDotNet or NativeUI. It usually says in the mod description though.

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    What fixed it for me:

    When you put the INIs and DLL based mods into the gtav folder, right click on each file individually, and see if there is an unblock checkbox

    Windows (10 here) blocks these files by default as they "come from another computer"

    So, unblock them before running the game and you might have some luck!

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