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GIMS EVO Question [Help needed]

  • Hello,

    So I recently tried to mod some new sneakers inside the game. I found a good quality .obj file on the internet of a pair of Air Jordan 12's.
    I followed the same procedure from this video (

    ) but had no luck.

    Just like the video, I positioned the Jordans with the original game shoes and then attached the J's to the main file before deleting the original shoes. Exporting went fine, however the pain in the A comes to play when booting up the game. Everytime I choose the shoes through a trainer of a store, the entire game crashes.

    If you know the solution, I'd be very thankful!

  • @DJOzmanMJ If you do a correct convertion process in the mesh, so the issue is in textures. For players, the normal and specular textures needs to be embedded, also, the names are pretty important to be loaded for the game, check exact names accord to the model replaced.

  • Thanks for the reply. I haven't had a thought on the textures with the past tests I've done, so that could indeed be the problem. I'll let you whether it worked or not.

  • @Rarefacer Update: I did apply textures (diffuse, specular etc) but the problem still seems to be there. I think I found it but I'm not sure; in GIMS EVO there's the option to create an object for the model you're adding. However, there are lots of models. So I'm guessing I have to try each one and test it out. If not, I don't know what the problem is....

  • It seems like there's an issue with custom .obj's for T/M/F with gims evo
    I already reported it to 3Doomer but he didn't understand me
    I can tell you how to make it working on Multiplayer peds (or other ig_* peds) tho
    Btw i use Multiplayer Male char for my Max Payne mod

  • @DJOzmanMJ Exists other possible issue but for it i need to see the shoe mesh, can you upload a picture with your rigged model in wireframe view?
    Could be better if you send me your files to check the issue in 3ds Max.

  • @DJOzmanMJ Looks like you applied a retopology modifer to reduce polycount
    alt text

    Sometimes this process damage the UV maps and that cause game crashes if exist any poly without UV map, same thing with the rigging, if any vertex not has skin weight and bone assigned, the game can't read the model and crash.

    Check both things, UV mapping and propper skinning weight for every poly.

  • @Rarefacer Well the reason I reduced the polycount was due to the fact that I added so many turbosmooth modifiers that the polycount was up to 1.4 million.

    But something else, I noticed you managed to rip the model from sketchfab. May I do a request? If so, could you rip this one: https://sketchfab.com/models/d338266421d8400bbcc89b7cecd1ae8f

    The model is of much higher quality and it's already textured.

  • i had this problem too ,try select the material type into default ,default ,

    not hair_cutout_alpha or ped ped material , don't forget to check every texture not be write with empty ,

    and in gims evo material ,make sure all material in gta v supported ,just click tool button in gims evo and convert all to game type

    if you already solved this

    maybe this post will help other ,thanks

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