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[WIP][MISC] Pakistani Shopkeep replacement for Male Secretary

  • Man, I hate that douche you get for an office assistant in the latest update.

    There's just something about him that I don't like you know? He's like someone you'd see on http://hotchickswithdouchebags.com/
    Anyways, I didn't trust the guy with my gobbledegoos (snacks, the things you eat for health) or my personal vehicle.

    So I've set out to replace him, the assistant (mp_m_execpa_01), with the Pakistani shopkeep (mp_m_shopkeep_01_pakistani).
    alt text
    alt text

    Initial attempts were... not so good...

    So, because I am lazy, I ended up re-texturing the guy using bits from the shopkeep's textures.
    alt text

    Then came replacing the audio... Which was going quite well until I discovered R* split the guy's voice up into like 3 different .rpfs
    Maybe someday OpenIV's RAGE library will be updated and the files won't be all 0x0F355532 nonsense.

  • This post is deleted!

  • lol Headless !! Good attempt . i hope to see how this one goes.

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