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Map Editor/Menyoo prop limitations?

  • Hey guys,
    I am having stability issues when I attempt to load more than one map in Map Editor or Menyoo.

    The mod consists primarily of lights which I am placing all over the city and surrounding areas, but I cannot run the two main maps for more than a couple minutes before the game crashes. I have a fresh install of the game, with no other mods, and all essential files installed (latest Scripthook/NativeUI/map editor/simple trainer). The first map has 700 props and the second has about 550. Either of them run fine individually, until I try to load both in the same instance. Would the prop limit be different in the case of having them spread across the map, rather than all in the same location?

    EDIT: I just read another post stating how awful map editor is. I guess I'm going to start researching into this ymaps thing... if there was a way to do this and have the map load quickly, it would be worth starting from scratch..

  • Game runs out of the memory

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