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realistic wheel spin

  • hey guys, please i was wondering if anyone could help me out with a nice and real spinning wheel/tires when driving. like the way the ones in the picture![alt text]link text[link text]. i love thank you all for the dope mods that i found here too. thanks

  • @vaw_valen i have seen this request before. i am not aware of any mod that does this effect while playing the game. this however can be achieved by enableing motion blur in the game. or using reshade presets. in different graphics mods.

    EVE for rockstar editor is good for video editing and effects of similar nature.

  • Only motion blur from default in game motion blur setting or from ReShade (though it looks pretty bad) can give you this effect during gameplay. Unless you want that motion blur effect on the wheels in screenshots/videos, use EVE

  • @FreezIn basically what i said above :P

  • yeah pretty much lol, didn't notice your post above while on the phone

  • do you mean the motion blur on the wheel or the burnouts/smoking tyres in some of those pictures? There are a few mods for better burnouts but I cant recommend any as I havent used them but Realistic Grip gives a much better overall driving experience IMO...

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