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already a solution?

  • is there already a solution on how to get max cars (add-on) i try the gameconfig thingy but it still has a limit

  • @ahmed023 Well, you cant have an "infinite" amount of addons, period, since all computers have a set amount of memory. What you can do is combine addons into one one huge addon, that has all your cars. In this way, you can have around 300 cars in one addon. There is a tutorial for this in thr tutorial section.

  • actually its more around the number of 100-150 cars in 1 car pack. A dlc.rpf cant be 4.0GB or bigger in size because then the game gets stuck in an infinite loading screen or completely freezes up. So 3.90-3.95gb in size is the biggest you want to go for 1 car addon pack.

  • @Willief23 depends if you're adding hq mods. The average mod is 5 mb (ytd yft and hi yft) and if you multiply that by 100 it only makes 500 mb, it really depends on the total file size

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