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Police chill mod (read this)

  • Ok i feel as if police are way to harsh and i think that a mod where police dont attack you for just walking past them. (I couldnt find any mods like this but there might be so if you find one please send me a link to it) Currently im working on a mod myself for this but if there is already one it would save me a lot of work thanks :3

  • @JohnModz https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/better-chases-arrest-warrant Here you go, this mod makes police so much better! They wont shoot out of their car, and *they'll only use lethal force if you do, or you have high stars. It also makes them have arrest warrants - they'll identify your vehicle, which you can modify or ditch so they can't recognise it again. Or they can identify you, and have arrest warrant - you'll have to hide for 5 minutes as cops will be on high alert in this 5 minutes, and if they see you they will arrest you! It's a really good mod! As well as this, cops won't ram you straight away, they will need a warrant to use force. It's an amazing mod :)

  • @skelepap Mine works absolutely fine?

  • @skelepap Not saying you're wrong, but mine works fine.

  • @skelepap @ethannn_ ya better chases works just fine for me as well.

  • K thanks guys

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