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Need help with replacing textures

  • what is this bluish filtered image called? and how do I make my own?

  • @westcoastsosa Mip- Or BumpMap I think and they are plugins for photoshop and also some online one. Just google it

  • @Kwebbl thank you

  • @westcoastsosa if you dont have adobe photoshop you can use a free program called Gimp2 its like a light version of photoshop. You will need to download a plugin for gimp2 called normalmap. It will allow you to make a normalmap which is what the blue filter is called in that texture. You can also adjust how high of quality the normalmap is with that plugin.

    I also use Gimp2 to recolor textures from car addons to make different color interiors or change colors of dials/gauges or reduce down the brightness from too bright of dials which alot of addon cars suffer from. You can resize textures with the scale option as well. Reducing down texture sizes is a good way to improve fps in game or at least keep you from getting texture missing problems in game. I will usually reduce down 4k textures to 2k aka 2048x2048.

  • @westcoastsosa Software to render normal maps based in RGB images:

    • AwesomeBump (Highly recommended)
    • PixPlant (recommended)
    • Adobe Pixel Bender Kit 2
    • CrazyBump

    Elemental knowledge about normal map generation from colors of RGB images:

    • Darker colors results in deep reliefs effects.
    • lighter colors results in height reliefs effects.


    I'll link you a nice online tool when I get home. Courtesy of GreenAid.

    Tho most time I use the nvidia filter in Photoshop CS

  • Bump map/Normal map
    And people already said what to use up there ^

  • Thanks guys i have photoshop so i'll try it later tonight but will try out the other programs as well

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