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[SCRIPT][WIP] - Community Mod Menu

  • http://zhoul.gotdns.org:8080/GTA-5-Mod-Menu/Community-Mod-Menu-v1.zip

    Community Mod Menu | Trainer by The Community ( Thats You! )

    == Credits ==

    • Alexander Blade
    • Jake Dreemurr
    • GTALua
    • and The Community ( Thats you! )

    Therefore, if (when) you find a bug, its your fault and you should fix it immediately.

    == Enable/Disable ==

    • dinput8.dll activates scripthookv.dll
    • scripthookv.dll activates mods in ASI folder.
    • Mods in ASI folder activate GTALua


    !! TO PLAY ONLINE WITHOUT MOD MENU, 1) Rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.dl_ 2) Restart GTA5
    !! TO PLAY OFFLINE WITH MOD MENU, 1) Rename dinput8.dl_ to dinput8.dll 2) Restart GTA5

    == Mod Menu Controls ==

    Key config can be found in: GTALUA\addons\cmenu\settings.cGUI-Key-Binds.lua

    Open Menu = Numpad . or Z or X
    Close Menu = Numpad . or Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + X
    Menu Down/Left/Up/Right = Numpad 2,4,6,8 or Mouse wheel also goes Up/Down.
    Menu Select/Do = Numpad 5 or Middle Mouse Button
    Switch Menu Left = Z
    Switch Menu Right = X

    == Targeting and other In-Game Controls ==

    Lock Aimed Target A = Shift + Z
    Lock Aimed Target B = Shift + X
    Clear Locked Targets = Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+X

    Power Meter Up = Sprint (shift)
    Power Meter 100x = Double-Tap Sprint (shift)
    Power Meter 1x = One-Tap Sprint (shift)

    Digi-Gravity-Gun = Hold 1 Key (above Q key) until you have it.
    Digi-Teleport-Gun = Hold 2 Key (above W key) until you have it. NOTE Currently buggy.
    Digi-Gravity-Distance = Mouse Wheel up/down for +/- distance.

    If you are inside (house/strip club/store/etc) or in a vehicle and want to use the Digi-Scanner, you must enable the "Give Digiscanner Loop" option.
    As such, the menu to do this is automatically displayed when pressing 1 or 2.

    == Water Sports Controls ==

    Control the ocean like a god... or something...

    Enable/Disasble = Ctrl + Down Arrow
    Wave Height = Left Arrow / Right Arrow
    Radius = Ctrl + Left Arrow / Ctrl + Right Arrow

    == The Power Meter ==

    The Power Meter (visible at the top of the screen) greatly effects many of the mod menu features.

    It looks like ||||||||||||||||||||||| x1

    Its power ranges from x1 to x100

    It can be increased by holding sprint.

    It can be maxed quickly by double-tapping sprint. ( no need to hold sprint after setting )

    It can be reset to x1 by one-tapping sprint.

    Below is a short list of features effected by the power meter.

    • Self -> Max Endurance = A higher power will make you run faster and hit harder (much harder).
    • Vehicles -> Engine Power/Torque = A higher power will give more power/torque and lessen wind resistance. x100 power is usually too much for most vehicles, but works well with Rhino and other large or slow vehicles.
    • Vehicles -> Back Seat Driver = A higher power will increase the force applied to the vehicle.
    • Weapons -> Rapid Fire = A higher power will make you shoot faster and with more damage. A x100 powered sniper rifle can set a car on fire in 1 shot.
    • Digi-Scanner -> Gravity Gun = A higher power will throw peds/vehicles/objects harder.
    • Digi-Scanner -> Teleport Gun = A higher power will teleport you further, with a max of 1000km at x100 power.

    == Hot Coffee Included ? ==

    Version 1.0 of HotCoffee, by jedijosh920, is included in this mod pack.

    This is the only version that ever worked for me and the version available online appears broken?

    If it were possible to get a working version of this mod any other way, I would not include it.

    To disable it, simply rename ASI\Scripts\hotcoffee.dll to ASI\Scripts\hotcoffee.dl_

    To use it, simply honk at a female while in a vehicle. ( honking near 2+ females stops them from entering vehicle, so make sure to honk near 1 female only. )

    == New LUA Console Commands ==

    alert = Alerts you based on given text. Can set multiple alerts ( example: alert cash will highlight any time cash is seen. )
    entlist = Prints the object/vehicle/ped lists that are maintained and used for targeting and other purposes.
    hash = Hashes any string and can tell you if the hash is valid. If hash is valid, it attempts to tell you what object the hash is associated with.
    natives = Search/Display known natives.
    objects = Search/Display objects
    spawn = Spawn Props, Vehicles, Peds
    stats = Shows a list of specific stats related to the mod menu and game.
    tp = If given an ID, will teleport player to that ID. If given coords, will teleport player to those coords.
    Any 1-liner lua = If console input does not match any of the commands, it is executed AS lua code directly.

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  • i cant desactivate thi mod because when i put dinput8.dll like .dl_ the game no run showing error message telling the files are corrupted try to reinstall

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