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How To Spawn Objects?

  • Hi All,

    Quick question - what mod/method do people use to spawn objects that are not traditional objects? I'm talking about elements of the map that do not seem to have Object IDs. If I use the "Get Damaged Object ID" option in the trainer, nothing comes up for these objects, and I cannot search them in object lists like you can with ramps, cones, other objects, etc.

    For instance, there are some mods on this site like apocalypse map with the FIB building turned sideways, and another that spawns in the aircraft carrier. However, if I want to spawn them myself with Map Editor or Menyoo, I can't find these objects.

    How are people doing this? For instance, at the Terminal, there is a big cargo ship with a lifeboat on it. I want to spawn this lifeboat object somewhere else, but it is not in the object list. It seems like a different category of objects all together. Somehow people do it though.

    Any ideas?


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